My Super Hero Resume

Gotta Love the Underdog Super Heroes of this world …. 🙂

Without them, our world would implode!

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

Sometimes I amaze even myself. Jobs I thought were commonplace are obviously rocket science and I never knew..

For example. The toilet roll needed changing. Someone got a new roll out of the cupboard and left it on the windowsill beside the toilet roll holder but didn’t take the old empty roll off the spindle.

Next person used the toilet roll but didn’t change it and so on until I get into the bathroom.

Only I am capable of the micro precision needed to remove the empty cardboard tube from the spindle and reattach the new half empty by this point toilet roll.

I can do this with paper towel rolls as well. Multi talented or what?

Panicked cries of ‘Mum where’s my “xyz”?’ are met by my dulcet tones yelling ‘On the floor, where you flippin’ left it.

I’m skilled in the arts of refilling the sugar jar and…

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