Clickermania not my Style .. .


Do you remember my post of Here’s a Thing? Last week?

One of the things l was concerned with was how l wanted to manage my favourite followers into some kind of lounge setting so l could see all their posts in one area and that would act as my prompt to remember to visit them – there l have said it – ‘to remember to visit them.” Because l do forget.

I mean as writers, bloggers, poets, creators and whatever term you wish to use, the one thing we all enjoy is the obvious thing, we like producing content for our audience. I am no fool, l spent years in marketing and promotion and creating content for audiences, and whilst principally l do uttermostly write for myself, l am also aware that my blog isn’t switched to private viewing, it is open to public viewing, and as such l have a following which is an audience. I mean if l wanted to write purely for myself, then l would keep a journal and not a public blog. So, l acknowledge openly that l write for me and my readership.

I mean, find me an author that has written a book that has been published and placed into the market demography and then doesn’t want anyone reading it? Doesn’t make sense does it? Because authors and publishers want to make sales on their content, otherwise why do it? In essence we are also authors and publishers be it our own content to our blogs. If no one reads it, then we must make amends to ensure that we get something read, or we give up.

Now l appreciate there are those who only want small audiences, but whatever the size you want, you still want readers viewing your content, because as said you could keep a journal on your PC out of everyone’s eyes.

I get a lot of email, too much at times, and that is not a derrogative stab at anyone, it is just one of those things, however there is no way on the planet that l can read everything that lands in my box, and still have time to write.

I am a prolific and frenetic writer, some might say l am addicted to writing, or obsessed and they would be right to say it as l am. Writing has been with me since l learned how to perform it. I love words, l like learning new words, l like reading new words, l like using new words and putting words together. I like writing stories and penning the odd poem. I have a story to tell like all of us, but l love to write.

You probably know l am on the spectrum of autism with my Asperger’s and whilst this is not using this card as some kind of excuse, because of that l have certain traits and behaviours which many autistic people actually have, which l shall cover in a moment.

Over the years, l have been called things like ‘egotistical, self-centred and selfish’, and at my own concession, these names upset me, because l am none of those things, but to the unknowing of autism and Asperger’s, those trait are all too familiar to those of us on the spectrum, as in we hear them a lot. But to the knowing of behaviours of the spectrum, they don’t use them. They say things like “It’s a Special Interest”. I have had over the years a lot of ‘special interests’, you might think of them as just hobbies, but with autism, it’s NOT just a hobby, it’s a full time career.

You see, when l am passionate about something and in this case we shall keep on the writing path, l become seriously hyper-focused or super fixated’, so much so that l am oblivious to other things and at times other people – so you can see quite clearly l should imagine why those names are thrown.

Now why on earth am l writing about this? Well, it’s because l feel guilty a lot of the time these days and l am making steps to change that guilt and l am seeking balance, an equilibrium, and it’s hard.

Someone emailed me the other day and they asked why l did the night time call out for other bloggers? Fine, that’s a good question, and the answer is this… because l want to and because l can and more importantly why shouldn’t l? To me calling out or tagging another blogger is no different to sharing their work on my blog. But also, it is a way of saying both Hi to that blogger as well as drawing people to that blogger’s blog.

The thing is l like to share other writer’s work, and l get a kick of gratification knowing that maybe that other blogger might appreciate the call out, because sometimes l am SO hyperfocused that l can’t get to another blogger’s blog every day, and l want these writers to know that l am still thinking of them.

But as said l am struggling with this guilt complex of mine … l love receiving comments from people and it’s nice to get likes and follows, although l feel very uncomfortable receiving compliments from other people, and that is NOT just an autistic thing, but l don’t want to come across as selfish and uncaring to another writer’s work because of my addiction to writing and they might think l don’t reciprocate.

This is NOT a fishing trip for compliments either, what it is  however is this ..

A lot of bloggers l think are like me, they don’t have the time to read every single blog out there, but they might perform what l class as clickermania. They log in, and click away at several posts at once without reading them. That is fine, l could do that, but l can’t because l would feel even guiltier than l currently feel. I write and produce content for nearly 10 hours a day which is a lot, and in the other hours l am living life but at the same time thinking of writing and what l am going to be writing next, which l am never short of ideas for – hell my brain is constantly whirring, to the point that it feels like at times that my head might explode! I can’t empty everything quick enough, it’s like l have verbal mental verse diarrhoea!!

You see, if l click something it’s because l like it, or l have read it, or both. I don’t often comment because sometimes l have nothing to say to the content, but l comment where l can – but l don’t just click for the sake of it, as that seems unfair and not right. So l have devised in the last week a new worksheet to my Excel Writing Schedule, which trust me when l say is getting fairly hectic by itself! It’s manual, because in Manual I Trust and l have made a vow to visit 5 blogs per day and view five posts from each blog. I had to write it down in a sheet so as to not forget it., because my Excel Scheduler is always open. So if, you see from this point on, five likes, comments or whatever from me in succession, it means l have visited your blog.

I like giving credit where credit is due and l like complimenting other blogger’s and l like making them smile. I share your work because l like it, l like your post because l like it, l comment because l have something to say and l tag those in the evening to say “Hey, Howdy and Hi l like what you do and want other’s to see it too!”

Thanks for reading.

Rory & Doodlepip

Ps: If l have come across as selfish, l am genuinely sorry – seriously – NO one has called me that  …yet. But l don’t want them to either.

20 thoughts on “Clickermania not my Style .. .

  1. Oh lordy….if you try to read five of my posts in one day you won’t get any writing done (or else you won’t sleep) and I can’t be responsible for that! Seriously, you aren’t selfish. And I like you because you make a real effort in making WP a community.

    That is something I value. And I admit sometimes I will skim and click without reading everything…but only when its repetitious content. Some writers rehash the same basic content message, it’s their niche, and I its usually very positive content so I don’t want to dissuade them from doing what they are doing. But I don’t need a daily dose. On days I could use a reminder…I do stop to read them though.

    And I’m not, admittedly apologetic about this…I have way more people on my reading list than I have followers lol. And I work and require some sleep too.


    1. Hey Cherilyn, l have just been on your blog, was reading Truth Decay which was fascinating and have just responded to the Anxiety revisited which resonated with me quite deeply.

      Well you write long content post a lot of the time as l do, so l like a post l can get my teeth into. So, l take a bit longer with your blog, that’s fine 🙂

  2. Hey Rory,
    Just want you to know I understand you completely. It is getting harder and harder to read all the blogposts I receive daily. I have to make choices. I do not always comment what I read either, for lack of time or simply because I have nothing to say at that moment. As a general rule, I try to leave at least one comment on each of my visits. In fact, I prefer to read fewer posts and take the time to write a positive feedback to encourage the person to continue producing interesting content. I enjoy responding to each of the comments left on my blog. I also made the habit of visiting the blog of each person who leaves me a message by politeness but also by interest for those bloggers with whom I have developed a friendship over the past two years. Do I look at my attendance statistics on my blog? Very rarely. The quality of the exchanges is way more important to me. This message is getting long, so I will conclude by simply saying this. You do not seem selfish at all to me. I had the chance to get to know you better over the past few months and I have noticed that you are actually a very thoughtful and generous person. I know you have difficulty accepting compliments but I had to tell you. Like it or not. 😀

    1. Hey Lady D,

      Thank you – oh absolutely l respond to all my comments left, as much as l can and grade my response to the comment left, sounds worse than it is meant to.

      I agree, exchange quality is way better than quantity exchange.

      It is hard, and so l will try this new system and see how that goes … but even then l can see faults with it as l write and think on the logistics, and how my OCD will cope ha ha!!

      What do people do who have 5000+ followers? Do they only respond to the comments left on their blogs?

      I best not think about that otherwise l will never sleep again, thanks for popping by 🙂

      1. I know from experience that you answer all the comments on your blog and that’s all to your credit. I do not know what those who have more than 5,000 followers do, but like you I guess they only respond to those who leave messages… Or they pay someone to do it for them. In my opinion, there is a market that will develop more and more to meet this need of bloggers because there are only 24 hours in a day and so much we can do. Unfortunately, the personal aspect of the exchanges will tend to diminish, or even disappear. Unless companies sponsoring bloggers begin to value the quality of the exchanges instead of strictly watching statistics of attendance. Good luck with your new system. Hope it works well for you.

        1. I think you may be right – and yet l feel that once we succumb to using a service to provide an automatic response and almost a Ghost writer response service then l feel we lose touch with our own community. What may then happen in truth, is that the more followers you have is that you can at that point only have time to respond to comments left on your posts,

          Bit of a catch 22 l feel. You can see why bloggers want small audiences, and yet in order to get your material out there, you need a broader and richer and more diverse following.

          Time will tell l feel on this 🙂

  3. DON’T FEEL GUILTY!!!! We all have legitimate reasons why we cannot keep up with all the posts from all the bloggers out there…it’s good that all of us make an effort to support other bloggers, especially those who support us. The whole mutual support thing is very lovely. However, we all have varying degrees of time to allow for reading…and it is perfectly fine to just read the posts that appeal to us.
    You are a lovely, warm hearted and very supportive blogger. I am not going to allow you to feel guilty at all!

    1. Hey Mel – how are you doing? 🙂

      Thank you, ok, l will stop feeling guilty … l know l shouldn’t as it is relatively illogical, it’s the twinges that get to me at times, mind you l am getting old, maybe that’s it 🙂

      1. I am fine Rory. Just back from work, and full of adrenaline. I am trying to calm myself down before I get into bed.
        I spent the weekend with Goldfinch and then had lots to do on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday & Friday are my very long work days. I am crazy, I have arranged all my paid work over three days (Friday is a 15 hour day!) so I can have four days for voluntary work, housework and seeing friends & family. It is working, except for when I finish work at midnight and am still wide awake when I get home…it takes me ages to feel sleepy.
        I am loving your posts (trying to do some catching up myself)…I am going to stop myself from commenting on every single one!

        1. Yes, you mustn’t do that 🙂 One in five is ample ..

          But l know what you mean, sometimes l am seriously tired, but a mental adrenaline keeps me going like that silly rabbit!

  4. I think that is so common to bloggers. I love reading other people’s blogs and engaging in “conversation”, but it’s easy to “get lost down a rabbit hole” and wind up spending hours on other’s blogs, when I would rather be writing mine. I guess I just need to find a balance.

    1. Hey Laurie,

      You are right, l know l am not alone. In fact l was having a similiar conversation with someone else about it last night in a poetry group l belong to. They were saying that they wish to restrict poetry to only being posted on a Friday and yet whilst the group is young, my fear was what happens when the group is then only allowed a friday post, but we have 100= members, even at 25-35% readership posting, that is a lot of reading responsibility on one day, you are back to square one.

      It’s all about balance and that’s the hard bit, ask a Libran how they feel about finding and maintaining balance and it’s a whole different ball game to them too 🙂

      1. Haha! So true! I have trouble with maintaining balance. I tend to go at projects full steam ahead.
        Your poetry group problem does sound daunting. You want to be able to give the posts your full attention, rather than just a quick skim.

        1. Hey Good morning Laurie – balance is one of the big magical words in our lives – we all seek it, and only occasionally get our lives in tune ha ha.

          But the balance between reader responsibility and writing creation is hard in the group and blogging.

          It’s always a work in progress 🙂

  5. Like yourself, I try to read as much as possible of the blogs that I follow. It is not always easy but I can make adjustments. I think most of us are not clickers, we take the time to read but those who do, you know that they have not even read them. I want to take the time to read and feel what my fellow writers are putting out. I am babbling lol but you know what I mean.

    1. Hey Jay-lyn, l do know ‘exactly’ what you mean. We are immersed in this beautiful vibrant world of creativity and we simply don’t have enough time to absorb the truer beauty itself, we would never have enough time sadly irrelevant to how long our day is. 🙂

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