When I was Younger …



When I was Younger …

Oh, how l wish my parents had been bolder,

When l was younger,

About what it was like to be older,

They did say it might get easier

But didn’t fess up that l would become creakier,

They said it might be fun,

And it would never be done,

But they weren’t the type to say told yer!


Life was to be explored,

Adventures to be undertaken,

You wouldn’t get bored,

But you might become forsaken!

They didn’t talk of the important stuff,

About how things could get seriously rough,

And that life was endless stress and commotion,

The ageing process not eased with any lotions, or potions,

There were no elixirs to extend the years,

Or creams to allay the fears!

They said it was a big wide world, that was mine,

To see for myself,

To not waste time,

As that was short and not for the shelf,

They said that the best years were at school,

Which was balls and utter rubbish!

In my eyes, they were fools,

To suggest such a thing was absolute gubbish!

I mean who looks back at those days with a fondness?

Certainly not l, l do assure you so,

And yet l do reluctantly profess,

That they may have been in the know,

Those days were by far easier,

Much and way less creakier,

My joints could bend for starters,

Looking back l guess it was less harder,

Than this thing called life,

That is noisy, troublesome and filled with strife!

But so much easier than getting older,

Oh l so do wish they had been bolder,

When l was younger!

© Rory Matier 2018

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