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Whether it be … Flourishing in acquainted arms, heart, and soul Or captivated by someone’s charms, may they be real, Ephemerality, thoughts attending far away stars, Achievement in a new day in life, appreciating our role! Caring’ for a person who has forgotten how that feels Embraced moments, our existence is all we have Contributing […]

via It Is All So Beautiful! — Epistles,Thoughts, And Concerns

A thoroughly lovely poem by Myth … It Is All So Beautiful!

6 thoughts on “It Is All So Beautiful! — Epistles,Thoughts, And Concerns

  1. ((Rory)) my friend, you have been through so much, and yet here you are gifting me with kindness!! I am tickled, surprised, and humbled! You already know how I feel about the spotlight…Though I am so honored by Your light in which you have shared with me!
    This poem is how I truly feel. ☀️ Thank you dear Man for warming my heart!

    Bless your heart!♥️ Myth*.

      1. Rory, you have given me a smile to last a lifetime! Thank you! It is 5:24 am here. Lot’s to do around the property before the snow arrives! You have inspired me to write about ‘beauty’… Which will be on my mind throughout my day. Have a great day …unconditional love awaits with four paws and a tail a waggin’😁

  2. I am truly glad l have made your day Myth, and to make another smile is gift enough – enjoy the day 🙂 I await the poetry and verse on beauty equally as much as the snows arrival 🙂

  3. Hug your Suze! Be crazy in love! I am enjoying your blog. Informative (recent, animals)And your poetry, wow such talent. Thank you for simply being YOU!☺️

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