Have a Great Day Folks


Good Morning folks, Have a totally awesome day!

Rory & Doodlepip

A Joke a Day …


Why did the photograph go to jail?


Because it was framed!!


4 thoughts on “Have a Great Day Folks

Add yours

  1. Looong day for me! Leaving here in a couple of hours to head to the airport and stop for a pub lunch on the way then flying to NY and finally a 5-6 hour drive home! I should be home by midnight-ish my time, about 5-6am GMT

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    1. Long day indeed. Suze is off to australia on the 8th November that’s a very long journey too, something like 17 hours or something silly – l tend not to breathe properly when she is in the air, l am grateful when she lands 🙂

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      1. I want to return to Australia admittedly, l grew up there and still have some great memories. Suze has never really holdayed there, she is always rushed off her feet looking after the grandkids – so even she hasn’t seen much of Oz. New Zealand is truly lovely, and l know Suze if given the choice would probably pick that as a final days location – l can just see us living in a yurt lol 🙂

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