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Hopefully …… Shouldering Along!

So this afternoon, l attended my ‘advanced physiotherapy’ appointment. Finally it had come around, a month after the MRI  and l was able to get a diagnosis of what the problem was and how were we to set about to treat it? The surprising thing was that what we thought was the ‘primary problem’ turned out to be the secondary problem and the primary problem turned out to be a problem we didn’t know about.

The secondary problem is the pinched nerve inbetween C5 – C7 of the neck, which explains the strange swellings now at the base of my neck as the impact from the primary problem is causing the nerve to react violently but is only responsible for roughly 30% of the pain – could have fooled me is what l said. “So Doc, what is the main problem if the pinched nerve is only over-reacting as a seconday issue?”

“Well, the bone attached to your clavicle, known as the Acromion has collapsed onto/into the Greater Tuberosity and that in turn is reducing the flow of the …………”

“To be honest Doc, you lost me at Hello, l have no idea what you are talking about?”

So he showed me the MRI and although it was in black and white l could see the problem, which was significant damage where there should not have been damage, and that made it easily understandable.

“Okay, so what does that mean?” I asked.

“Well l am going to give you a cortisone injection to hopefully reduce the inflamation, and l’ll be honest when l see you next month, if that has not had the effect we both desire, then as you like black and white it will mean surgery.”

“So, this injection will reduce the pain?”

“Hopefully, but no guarantee.”

“Ok.” Is all l could say.

He further explained that my right arm has 20% functionality and 80% damage, now those are figures l understood. Furthermore he explained that once we were able to ‘hopefully’ increase movement without causing additional pain, and reduce the inflamation, we could then address the secondary problem ……….. hopefully.

Hopefully was the word of the day, as it also referred to the horrendous pain levels l am currently in. But he was rather pleased that l had come off the tablets, because if l could withstand a level 10 pain for a month, then that was something to be very pleased about. Quite an achievement apparently … l must remember that when l am lying on my bed writhing around in violent spasms.

Let’s all be hopeful shall we?

On another note, l was finally able to secure a dentist … ha ha oh my goodness, if they are anything like the last one, l will be on a quick referral to a specialist, because unless the dentist has both the patience of an Ox and the equipment to refloat the Titanic, then l feel they will NOT wish to tackle my mouth. It would be nice to be able to smile again and display my pearly whites to the world even if they are not the ones that have grown up with me, instead of grimacing at the camera!

Dear Blog ……

4 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 22.25 – 09/10/18

  1. Dentist? and the neck problem? Issues? Something to be aware of when on the table/chair at the dentist – and the repercussions due to the time spent like that, the position (lying down is best for neck problems) – and if the tooth needs to come out, consider the pressure they put on your head to do that (and the corresponding stress on the neck).
    And the surgery thing – although surgeons/doctors are fond of saying things like ‘it has an 80% success rate’ what they’re referring to is not reduction in pain, which is what patients ‘hear’ when those words are spoken. Success to one is not relative to success for the other. Ask lots of questions if it gets to that point (and still ask about other options).

    1. Oh l will l assure you Cage, l always do.

      it’s taken me nearly a year to get a dentist to have me on their books alone. I will register and then will have to wait two months before l see a dentist unless a serious problem arises.

      State of play in this country now.

      I have just got over a massive abscess which needed antibiotics and l couldn’t get any. The problem with my mouth is they need to break my jaw in two places to rebuild, which l know isn’t easy for many dentists to handle in their practices.

      Sadly not an overnight job.But the most important thing is to be on their books 🙂

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