Monster Mash Halloween Bash Challenge


Monster Mash Halloween Bash Challenge

To celebrate Halloween and the month of creepy – the next Snifty Challenge will begin on the 15th October 2018 and run for 16 days till the 31st October!

The challenge page itself is just starting to come together see HERE but it’s not obviously active yet, but if you keep watching that space, you will see the challenge taking shape. but also for those 16 days l will try and cram in as much spooky stuff as l can, because everyone likes a bit of horror and mystery don’t they? Even those who are not hard core power saw fanatcis of horror will have something to wet or is it whet their taste buds!


Is ONLY 7 Days away!



There will be candy, trick and treating, pranks, pumpkins – obviously not real ones, but your task will be to gather up as many as you can! There will be treasure hunts, little things hidden – there will be expectations – oh yes [said in a true Vincent Price accent or if you prefer Kenneth Williams – yes indeedy l have a lot of expectations from the writers amongst you – those creepsters of the tingler, those ghouls of the gothic nasties and even some fetish! ooh, never mind the cannibals amongst you who enjoy a good chomp!!

So make sure to continue to tune in – it’s going to be a scream!!


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