Monster Mash Halloween Bash Challenge


Monster Mash Halloween Bash Challenge

To celebrate Halloween and the month of creepy – the next Snifty Challenge will begin on the 15th October 2018 and run for 16 days till the 31st October!


This is just a mere 10 days away!

Everyone loves Halloween and what’s not to love? We can have a blog halloween and that’s what this challenge is all about!

Bumps in the night, scares galore, spookies, creepies, but also, tales of horror and mystery, creepy stories,  shadowy poetry maybe something gothic nasties to boot! But recipes, games, fun, trick and treating, candy, role play, movies, music and books! This challenge will exact much from you all!

Witches, hocus pocus, cats, broomsticks, vampires, werewolves, mummies, ghosts, pumpkins and more importantly a communities imagination to make everything totally Monster Mashy!

Coming to a screen near you soon!

So who is looking forwards to the challenge and are you going to play?


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