Dear Blog … 3.22 – 05/10/18



Conspiracy and Lunacy!

It’s surreal is what it is, l cannot effectively place any other words apart from surreal, and now l sound like my Mother after her first visit. I spoke to my Mother yesterday, a strange call, but she made no mention to her visit with my Father yesterday, not one word. She did say she might go again, and now l find out from my Father who l have just spoken to that he thinks he is getting back with my Mother?? He then says ‘Oh yes l saw her yesterday,” I said you mean last Sunday? “No yesterday as well, l think we are getting back together.”

Asked if he had discussed this with either my Sister or my Mother, he answered “No, do you think l should?”

Speaking to my Mother just now and she is very flippant about her visits, and laughed at the thought of the two of them getting together.

Lunacy and conspiracy.

Strange, strange world.

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