4 Paws Diary – Ep 23


Episode 23

4 Paws Diary

22nd September – 04th October


57? What the BOL?

Hey Everybody,

There is a small room in our house that when it is empty l sometimes go into, but l don’t often do that and prefer to go in when someone else is in there, much to their chagrin apparently? I don’t know why they are so protective of it all in truth, they are only in for short moments of time, unless of course you are my Dad who in recent times has been intheir a lot! But they both use it frequently and everyday. There has NEVER been a time when they don’t use the small room – NEVER!

The other day Mummy was in there and like Dad she shuts the door every time she visits and every time l must open the door to see what she is doing to be met with “Doods!” or “Oh hey Scrappy!” But this time before l got in l heard her say “57! What’s that all about?”

I pushed the door anyway, to be met with Mummy sitting there, and asked her what was up? She said she is nearly going to be 57 years old – how the hell did that happen? When l had to BOL [for the novice that means bark out loud], and said she needed to calm down and wait till she was my age before she should gripe so. I told her that this November l was going to be 83 which is a lot in dog years, but she corrected me and said l was only going to be 15, and l corrected her back and said that was in 2 legged years, but in K9 years l am going to be 83!

Dad then popped his head around the door with Mummy sitting there still, we are an open family, so everyone’s welcome [well family for sure, not sure how Mummy might feel if everyone was there looking at her sitting on the funny thing in the small room?] he said, “Well that is what happens we all age darling.”

“Oh thank you for the logic Mr Asbee! Always stating the obvious you are!!”

Dad and l sauntered off, and whilst Dad was making a coffee, l popped onto the kompootah quickly just to make sure l was right and l was – l am going to be 83 this year! Wow that’s old! If any of you would like to see the doggy calculator l used here is the link:

How to Calculate Dog Years to Human Years

There is no pleasing these 2 leggeds l feel, never! Bol, Bol, Bol!


Eyes Bigger Than My Legs!?

Not done an awful amount in the last couple of weeks admittedly, l have two walks a day, and Mummy and Dad are still walking me on flat surfaces, they say they are not ready to risk my poorly back legs on hills, and we have a lot of them around here and very few flat surfaces, so this means “Booooooooooooooooooring!”

I keep telling them, l can do more than just flat, but they say things like “You may think you can walk 20 miles Doods, but your body is only good for 20 yards!” or “Your eyes are bigger than your legs Doods!” Which is most assuredly not true – if my eyes were bigger than my legs l wouldn’t need legs, and for that matter if my eyes were that big, l would just be two big eyes!


Drama Llama Doodle Dong!

I need an adventure, like Dad needs a holiday, and we both need to do something other than the nothing we are doing. Dad writes most of the time, and l paw down notes of things to say. The recent drama, is about me and not Dad, although he has enough drama of his own anyway with his neck problems and his own Dad problems.

Dad says he needs some new autum clickitty’s so he will take into the woods to get some nice shots – well it’s not an adventure, but it’s better than just walking the flat surfaces all the time.

Dad and Mummy are telling me off a lot recently because l keep nagging at an itchy leg of mine on the elbow and l have made it sore and bleeding.  They say that they are probably going to have to take me to the vets again if l don’t let it heal or let them treat me. Dad puts on sticky creams and tries to put on a bandage, and Mummy puts on gloopy gels, and l, well l keep taking everything off again and continue to chew! but l say to them if it wasn’t so itchy l wouldn’t chew and they say if l didn’t chew it wouldn’t itch! No winning l feel, and it may be another trip to the vets which Mummy and Dad are not pleased about. I can’t help it if the bandages fall off …………… with a little help, but that’s what we K9’s do! Right?


Preparation Time is Upon Us … again!!!

Mummy is away soon to visit her Ozzy kids and that means she is going to be away – again! How is it that Mummy gets the adventures? What about me, l neeeeeeeeed an adventure!

Mummy says it’s not for so long this time, it’s only for 17 days – well l don’t know what 17 days actually is, but Dad tried to explain that it was a lot of dark nights and a lot of light days and l just looked at him like he had three heads! I tried to tell him that l am a dog and that lots of dark and lots of light is still as confusing as lots of 17! The fact is that Mummy is away, and when she is not here, like when she is at work, l just sleep. But Mummy has been ‘preparing me’ for her time away – by going out, like today, she is not at work, l know because she didn’t put on her work clothes but she still went out. Dad says she is in town with friends seeing a show called Mama Miaow or something. Why would she want to see cats when she has me as her dog?

I don’t know it’s all as confusing as dark light 17’s!

Oh well, l guess when Mummy is gone, she will be gone until she is back and it’s that simple! I always get sad and grumpy when she doesn’t get home and Dad doesn’t look worried, he just keeps saying soon Doods, soon!

Oh l sooooooo need an adventure of my own!!!


On a good note, they still haven’t managed to bath me, Bol, Bol, Bol!!

Catch you later everyone!

6 thoughts on “4 Paws Diary – Ep 23

    1. Hey Pepsi, l know, l have to play it very careful at present – the Dad 2 legged is NOT impressed with me again, as l have removed yet another bandage .. what can l say? it’s on my elbow, nothing stays there for long.

      1. And if you leave it to them, they rip it off with all the hairs attached! Yoooooowwwwll – so I’d take it off, too (but careful, they have these elizabethan collars – girl, is that bad! Can’t even lick yourself!).

        1. Oh yes the life saver thing, l must be careful. They use an inflatable life saver with me — l forgot that!!

          Dad here Pepsi – mawahaha! Guess what is now being blown up for Missy? Thanks for the reminder 🙂

        2. Too late pepsi! Mummy has just blown it up, and it is now within easy reach of Dad, l feel my time is short. tomorrow Dad is already saying he is going to put it on me and take a clickitty to post it up, oh no the end of freedom is nigh!

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