Horror Voting for Halloween! Part 3



Of the films below please in the comments section highlight those that you enjoyed the most.In the case where certain films form part of a series, select the films which you believe were the best of the series.

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Horror Week Part 3

Ginger Snaps 2000

Cherry Falls 2000

Killjoy 2000

Get Out 2017

Babadook 2014

Psycho 1960

Rosemary’s Baby 1968

Jaws 1975

Dawn of the Dead 1978 or 2004

Zombie 2 – The Dead are Among Us 1979

Happy Birthday to Me 1981

Basket Case 1# 1982 – 2# 1990 – 3# 1991

Sleepaway Camp 1# 1983 – 2# 1988 – 3# 1989

Friday 13th 1980 or 2009

Friday 13th 2# 1981 – 3# 1982 – 4# 1984

House 1986

The Reef 2010

Puppet Master 1989

The House of The Devil 2009

[REC] 2008

Underworld 2003 – 2# 2006 – 3# 2009 – 4# 2012 – 5# 2016


In case you missed Parts 1 & 2 the films are below, only vote for these films if you have not yet already voted please.



24 thoughts on “Horror Voting for Halloween! Part 3

  1. Yay I know more than 1 this time :O) Definitely Rosemary’s Baby, a truly scary story and then Jaws for that one scene – I saw this one at the cinema and still remember the screaming :O) x

    1. Hey Lisa, aah yes l so too remember the screaming from Jaws – l saw it in a cinema on a ship and the lady in front had the tallest hairdo ever, would take me a few years to find out what scared her so much and made me lose a scene … it was the head bobbing out of the Orca’s hull πŸ™‚

      Voted and noted.

  2. Psycho. I even did a blog post about that film for MaddieLovesHerClassicFilms Hitchcock Blogathon one time. And although I’ve seen some of the others, I didn’t find them near as terrifying OR I found them to be shallow and stupid…a gore fest without much plot.

    1. Very very true – Peter Benchley who wrote the book, said many years later he hated writing it looking back for all the controversy and trouble it caused for the species.

      i know people who still fear swiminng as you say in the sea, because the fear of jaws lingers deep in their inner core.

      Noted and voted like Alien πŸ™‚

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