Here’s a thing ………



Here’s a thing ………

A few months ago, a blogger said they couldn’t share another blogger’s post to their blog because it would make their blog look messy. I couldn’t figure it at the time, l figured well why not share another person’s work, is that not a communicable thing to do?

Two weeks ago, someone said that they found my own blog messy because l didn’t write on just one thing, that l shared others posts and my site was all over the place, and they then asked did l NOT think my blog looked messy?

Well two weeks ago, l was also in the process of tidying up my navigation, l wanted things to be somewhat smoother. I am still learning about WP and blogging as l go along and happy with the process of the learning curve itself.

I don’t know how other bloggers read blog posts? For me, l rarely use the ‘reader’, l have moments in my day and l think, ‘Oh l know, let’s see what so and so is doing?’ Then l will read perhaps half a dozen posts of that person and like what l like, and then l perform that a few times a day. But l read from their actual blog. I think that is what everyone does isn’t it?

I don’t write on just one topic and l do openly admit that l write in a frenetic fashion, because that is how my own mind works. I might write on environmental as easily one day as l might write on mental health, or like now a topical question in miscellaneous, or a Dear Blog episode. I might choose to write some new poetry or reblog existing poetry, or l might write a new tale or story. I like to have a lot of mental stimulation so will sit back and think what l would like to see on a blog and set about doing something similiar or new. I love music and films and l love reading. I like to be entertained and stimulated by a mixture of all three and think nothing of the goofy stuff, or the challenges l set or the jokes ot the riddles or the greetings both nightly and morning – it is just my way of saying hello to everyone.

So l find it really hard to only concentrate on one solid subject – however maybe my blog is messy, l don’t know – it’s not messy to me, it makes perfect sense to me.

However to a comment l received today and when you read this – you will know l mean you and my hearty thanks to you for the compliment  .. “I pray nothing happens to you that would take you away from WP. Your light hearted mess would be missed!” Well that means a great deal to me, because that is exactly what my blog is about ‘a light hearted mess,’ so again my thanks, because that makes my day wholesome.

………….. and another thing!

Does anyone know how to manage our favourite bloggers? Is there some secret to it that l am missing? Is it some kind of App? I ask, because sometimes [and this is not a dig, just a landmark comparison] some bloggers will like 10/12 posts all at once when they log on – as to whether they read those who knows, maybe they do, and maybe they don’t – it doesn’t matter. What does matter is how do they do it?

I mean is it because l am in a favourited list or something and they all just show up at once? Because l would like to see all my favourite bloggers in one area that helps me visit my faves daily instead of me just relying upon my memory and raising questions of ‘Oh l wonder, what they have done?’ Then seek them out.

Do y’all know what l mean? How do l manage my favourite bloggers please?

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  1. Stay messy. I love the fact that your blog has such variety, the poems, the engaging challenges, everything. You always show in my reader and I always check out what you are up to. I might miss a few though. 🙂

    1. Hey Kristian – thank you – now you are one of the people l was thinking of 🙂

      I miss so many of yours, so what l do is say “What’s Kristian been doing?” So l pop along and read a dozen or so at the same time, now you probably know why there is a few likes all at once from me, but l also try and comment as well lol, l still have Britchy’s post of a few months ago floating around in my head!

      I just wondered is it just the reader we use?

  2. I absolutely love the style of your blog, stay messy please do not change a thing. As for keeping up with favored bloggers, I receive an email every time they post. I may not be able to read all of them but I do my best. Yes my inbox sometimes can be overflowing but I get to read and see what everyone is up to. 🙂

    1. Hey Jay – lin, and you are another that was in my mind when l was writing this post, l am always missing your stuff, and l feel like a late party goer 🙁

      I used to have all the notifications switched on, but l was getting 15000 emails a week and it was starting to overwhelm me. So l switched off the comments part and that eased off quite a bit. Now l rely on the the dashboard reader and the spam folder in case l miss comments 🙂

      But l miss loads of your stuff and others too and then feel guilty!

      Hope you are keeping well 🙂

      1. I am awesome. Picture will be coming soon I promise. For those I really want to see (all the time) I get instant notifications and for others I use the daily. It keeps my emails down somewhat.

            1. Yes those ones, sometimes they post three times a minute and if like in Doodlepip’s email l sometimes see for one given day anything around 300 emails alone.

              When l deleted her website l forgot to take members away, so l still get thousands of emails a week from her ex blog alone.

              I have some here, that post 40 – 50 times a day as well and l just face palm my forehead most days lol.

  3. Yes! I do know what you mean about favorites! I have a dickens of a time with that too! I’m still learning myself. And….I find your site absolutely delightfully inspiring! Don’t change a thing! In my own life I find that the best parts are so often in the messy places. Think painting and gardening and baking! Take care, suzanne 🍭

  4. I just make it a practice to start on my followed sites first. I actually go down a list and comment and read them. It take sa while but it is worth it. I also have my followed sites delivered to me in email, this helps me a lot. Go under your settings and adjust your followings and things.
    I like messy, that is how mine is sometimes but it is variety and I like non boring things!

  5. There’s nothing wrong with messy. I always do my blog reading in the WordPress Reader, mostly because it’s the simplest for me. I don’t want an inbox full of new blog post notifications, and I’m not on the ball enough to spontaneously remember to go have a look at all the blogs I follow.

  6. My two pence 😉 .. That person who ‘dislikes’ so called messy blogs sounds a bit OCD and that’s certainly not YOUR problem. Leave your blog just as it is please. It’s lovely. Truly.

    Now as to ‘managing’ your favorite blogs, there are options under the ‘manage’ button on your reader to have notifications ‘immediately’, daily, weekly and so forth. And that way is not perfect, but it works for me. You click ‘settings’ under each blog you wish to ‘manage’ and the options will be presented for you. I hope that helps a little?

  7. I’m messy too. I bounce around in my reading. I usually start with the Reader and then search out my faves from there. Stay messy my friend. We like you just the way you are! <3

  8. We all have our own style…or no style at all…I don’t think it matters so much.
    I mean we are all humans behind the posts…humans talk about one subject and then move on to another.
    I am thinking of one blogger who publishes a variety of posts on all sorts of subjects from baking to bullying, poems, recipes, love, songs, personal accounts, information about blogging…But that is great, it’s great to know it is a lovely person who is behind the blog and they have a variety of interests. Most people do.

    In general, if I have little time, I tend to use WP Reader because it easy to see what is new from lots of bloggers and keep up with them. But there are some bloggers including you whose site I visit and have to go back and see what I have missed. I do look out deliberately for certain types of posts. Last night I spent half an hour trying to find the blog scrambler posts I have missed, because I am completely bamboozled by it – I think I guessed one blogger…but I will have to wait and see. I love looking at your challenges and your joke of the day or riddles, I love seeing your poems and personal accounts. I always try to see what you have re-blogged from other bloggers too.

    I am skipping anything to do with horror on everyone’s sites because it all freaks me out and gives me nightmares. But I am still trying to show my support for all my favourite bloggers in other ways….
    But I guess most of us read what appeals to us without wishing to cause any discouragement to bloggers who we think are super.

    There are a number of blogsites I go directly to because I love the way their blog looks, the ease of navigation and the formatting they use. And I just enjoy their blogging presence and all they contribute to other bloggers. I am sure I miss some of your posts, I try to press “Older Posts” a few times so check what I have missed.

    I have to say there are times when it is hard to keep up with so many posts from so many bloggers! At the moment, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are crazy days for me (especially Friday) so most of my reading takes place when I have a bit more spare time over the weekend or Monday and Tuesday.

    1. Hey Mel, that’s a great answer, but here’s a clue to help you with the ‘missing posts’ for Blog Scrambler …

      This is the up to date version of all the clue posts we currently have active, if you scroll down you will see all the Riddles – obviously the first one was free as that was my blog as the answer. But all the other ‘finished’ riddles are there in the highlighted date posts above where the number of letters appears. If you press the highlighted link, you will be taken to the round up final post’ which shows all the letters together as an example:

      Riddle 2:

      That shows all the letters and the clue …

      You are right everyone of us is different, and that’s why l like my style of blogging, not blowing my own trumpet, but l like my blog, and l think that when you dedicate so much of your personality into something you are passionate about – it becomes an extension of yourself – otherwise why do it, why keep a blog.

      I am not just one type of person, none of us are, we are several layers like an onion 🙂

      Oooh Mel, we are coming into spooky time with Halloween and especially the Monster Mash Halloween Bash challenge coming up 🙂 Who knows there may be things that you can do and enjoy taking part in 🙂

      1. Thanks for the tip off Rory…I am just home from work….feet, tired legs, tired eyes, tired face!
        But I will take another look when I am wide awake and pouring coffee into myself tomorrow morning.

        Very true what you say…you put lots of work into your blog, you should like it and take pride in it, that’s why people love it so much.

        I can’t remember whose blog it was I looked at the other day, but I think they are a newbie because it was starkers and had all the little helpful WP pointers showing like “This is a widget” for viewers to see.

        1. I still learn each and every day, l like to say, Rome wasn’t built in a day – truth be known it took 700 years, but thankfully a blog is quicker …’they’ll learn , like we all still do 🙂

  9. I also plead guilty to “messy blogger.” I write poems, book and movie reviews, rants about dating and driving, whines on migraines, flash fic, etc. Sometimes I do the photo and music prompts. I skip a lot of prompts… who has time?! I love messy blogs like yours as well as focused blogs. Some blogs I follow do only reviews or recipes. That’s fine too.

    I’ve been using the WordPress app on my phone pretty exclusively. It’s so convenient that I rarely visit blogs the old way now. I get all the new posts from the bloggers I follow in my feed in chronological order, and I can save them in a folder to comment on later and/or link for prompts. I used to have a blogroll, but the app is much more efficient. I recommend it!

  10. There are also RSS feed thingy’s – don’t use them myself, but know people who do; they get a screen of dozens of little pics from the blogs they follow, and click on the ones to read. I prefer my own way, which may be slightly messy, but that’s life, and that’s me. C’est la vie, eh?

  11. Nice post Rory, I like your blog just the way it is full of veryate with different things to read all the time.

    I use the WP app on my phone most of the time with my reader set on just the blogs I follow and I do the same on the net, i haven’t seen a setting for favorite blogs I don’t know why they didn’t have that as part of the reader program.


    1. Yes same here, l feel guilty most of the time, not just saying that for effect, but l genuinely do, l like things to be orderly and whilst l have a phenomenal long term memory my short term cognitive memory is shot – so l have to remember to deliberately go and visit people, sounds awful in black and white text like that, it’s not meant to be read as bad. But l think what l am going to have to do is open up a new Sheet to my excel scheduler and put down the blogs l want to visit so l don’t keep missing stuff. My mind is just all over the place most days and it’s like l am addicted to writing currently and the brain is desperate to empty.

      In fact later today l think the easiest thing is to draw up an A-Z who l follow sheet, that way l will remember. But WP do surprise me that they don’t have a facility in place 🙂

      1. Ya all you can do is set your reader to the blogs you follow and then you have to go throw them all.
        Ya my short term memory has always been crap I have to write things down so I know how it is.

        BY FOR NOW

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