Silent Scream


Silent Scream

Emotions and feeling not to be seen,
Must be buried within the silent scream,
Hidden from open and prying eyes,
Meaning, adapting a new disguise,
For others to think with ease again,
One must accelerate the thinking brain,
Creating a visually exciting commotion,
Is the best way to hide the emotion,
Overload the thinking with a deluge,
Is the true art of emotional subterfuge …

Reading poetry is not all that hard,
Open your mind, eyes and your heart
For only then will the words really show,
Meaning more to you as you go with the flow,
Expressing yourself is the only goal,
Writing from the heart and soul,
Some rhymes will cause others alarm,
But my poetry is not written to harm,
It is my way to express how l am feeling,
And in so doing quickens my healing,
Am l to keep my rages and angers in,
Is this not one of the biggest sins,
When l am happy, should l not share,
So openly displaying l think is fair.

© Rory Matier 2012

Guy or Bloke, Your Choice

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