Back to Front Men


Back to Front Men

It’s not easy being back to front, l have to say,
Alas, it is what l am and have been for many a day!
Love to write the lines but not traditionally,
Classic poetry for me does not come easily,
You see, being Aspergic perhaps that’s the clue,
Geek orientated and not artistically true,
For me, poetry is about the lack of words,
Describing someone’s’ emotions in verse,

Whereas l use too many words in each sketch,
And like every second line to rhyme and stretch!
Seeing life purely in the black and white and not the grey,
Means for me personally, that l just don’t get true po-etry!
Try l do l must concede, but to the knowing ‘those’,
Style delivered is either free verse or poetical prose!
Not limericks, nor slang just lines that do rhyme,
With every second line pulling up in time!

l do so admire those gifted in the fine craft of quill,
And fully acknowledge the artists’ brilliant skill,
It’s just not for me, seems back to front,
With so few words it just looks blunt!
I know that true poetical skill is a life of its own,
My brain travels too fast for poetry to be at home!
Bounces off my inner walls demanding satisfaction,
And so few lines offers me no attraction!

Poetry presented to me in the briefest of form,
Expecting me to instantly understand isn’t the norm,
I see the world through different eyes to you,
And what you see is not always my view?
Perhaps my style leaves little to the imagination,
But easily understood because of its narration,
Like to see do l, visual stimulations,
Aesthetically pleasing and abstract creations,

Lazy mans’ poetry is what l write,
Not everyone’s’ cup of tea, and to some hardly polite!
But it is through my eyes when l pen,
Poetical prose in the vein of back to front men,
To describe each line within the rhyme as seen,
By me at the time of concept to emerge upon my screen,
Within my mind, the music that does play,
Or the vision or images within my active display,

What would be absolutely and brilliantly fascinating,
Is seeing how the literature came into creation!
Seeing the idea emerge and how it was born,
Music in the writers’ head inspiring the form,
Looking through their eyes at the exact time,
They thought to themselves to pen the rhyme!
What did they see, to excite them enough to start?
Creating their work like a canvass of art?

For this l truly do believe would be inspiring,
By those whom are viewing and doing the reading!
Mattering not whether it is free verse, prose or poetry,
Just seeing the fullest vision the writer did apply,
Bridging the gaps between traditional and modern,
Allowing those to decide for themselves what to learn,
So l write like the back to front men, perhaps lazy,
But it’s understood quickly and leaves none feeling hazy!

© Rory Matier 2013

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