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A Man Paused in Awakened Reflection,

Earlier this week someone asked of me, if there were 8 significant and defining reflective moments in my life to date that have made me more of the person l am?

Wow, l thought, that is quite a profound question as it is not just asking for defining moments in my life but defining moments of reflection. Where you stop and think back to a moment of your life, or an experience and ask yourself if upon reflection, it defined you in any way?

There are so many defining moments in each of our lives as is, but are there defining reflections also, and is there a difference?

I think the answer is yes there is a difference, but how do you define that? Defining moments of reflection is one thing, but are there 8? Considering l am only 55, and l probably have more defining reflections ahead of me are there 8 now that are worthy to be thought about as ‘defining reflections’ or awakenings? Is there a difference between an awakening and a reflection?

I have experienced many, many awakenings over the years, and so l sat down and gave this some serious thought. Today, not on any painkilling medication for well over a week, and you reflect on your health over the years and how you have come through tough times on your years, and the awakenings those have caused and created for you by themselves.

It is still a tough question, but l hope to address them with this small series of Dear Blog posts over the next week , and l think l have found 8, but they are not specific moments, but reflections upon certain times in my life, the impacts they have both made and continue to make and what l have learned from them and striven to progress forwards from them to be a better person. As you will see by the dates below, these moments basically cover most of my life, they are fifty years of cognitive thought and reflection. It is NOT an easy question to answer definitively.

Wartorn Childhood – Walking on Eggshells The Beginning 1968 – 1982

Meeting Death Head On 1987

The Grief Demons 1987 – 2017

The Utter and Absolute Break of Mind 1997 – 2004

There’s something There, But Nothing Remarkable! 2001 – 2016

A Can of Opened Worms 2008 – 2011

The Disabling Slavery 2010 – 2012

A Man Paused 2015 – Present

Part 1 Soon


But how about you do you have 8 defining reflections upon your life?

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