Pepper Spray


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September 2018

Pepper Spray

Well here we are winding down on the Spring/Summer season 2018 in the garden. I have been compost redundant for most of the season. The last time l actually turned the compost was in May. I realised after that, that my shoulder problem perhaps wasn’t just a muscle issue or tissue and visited the Doctor surgery not long after that last turning.  So since that last dig over l have been unable to actually tackle anything. Luckily the quantities l had in storage were enough to furnish the garden with for this season and the compost was so rich and beneficial that it did a remarkable job. Of course l have been able to do small jobs as long as l use my left hand only, failure to comply with that and using my right results in agony.

Yesterday l did a bit of work in the garden, a bit of sweeping, some weeding, and some cutting, and as much as l may remind myself to do the work on the left side of my body, it still hurts.  I have another visit with my consultant in advanced physiotherapy on the 9th of next month and hopefully by then l can come to understand what l can do to start to repair the pinched nerve and regain some right handed ability. I am still not taking any pain killer medication, and it is seriously tough and more so when even a small hours worth of left handed work doing menial tasks ensures you are in agony for the rest of the night to the next day.


However the garden is still producing some crop albeit, later planted tomatoes, aubergines and quite possibly soon enough peppers. The latter being heavily dependent upon the remaining weather of our new autumn and heading into winter. We have a lot of outstanding plant foliage and quite a bit to harvest if it can ripen.


The beans plants whilst having stopped production are having their pods left on so they can yellow off and then be picked ready for seeds for next year.

Last years’ peppers were small fry when planted into a shop bought compost, and this years peppers are akin to the Triffids. some of the plants are nearing four feet in height as some of the photographs clearly display.

All in all, not a bad year, as to winter plantings – we have put that on hold for the time being. With Suze working full time, and me pretty much useless on heavy labour and of course not forgetting the plight of my Father, it seems a bit of a lost cause until we know one way or another what exactly is going on.


Despite nearly five months’ neglect – the compost heap is doing okay, l just add to it every week using the trusted brown/green layer strategy and it sits there about as happy as a compost pile can be and decomposes some more, but l am eager to crack it open and check out the richness of the contents and sieve some fresh compost out. I trimmed the Horseradish plant down yesterday in preparation to making our sauce and added those trimmings to the heap as these are good feeders for the overall composition process, and l will be adding some comfrey leave debris to the heap later this week.


Horseradish plant now trimmed

Always happy is Suze – she would kill me for these two shots, but they are to show the size of the plants … that’s my defence anyway!



Which as you can see are quite large really.



The aubergines are doing really well …


… seriously well!


The peppers close up … we have several types in here now, super hot, chilli, sweet and normal.






They are looking great and we still have quite a few of the super hot 2017 chilli peppers in deep freeze, so if we run out of sun before they start to turn, we will pick off the fruits and allow them to ripen like tomatoes do. trim back the plants, bring them indoors so they are ready for next year’s spring. Not many people know this and in fact neither did l until this year, but pepper plants are perennials, meaning they last longer than just one year. So next years they will be ready for a new growth spurt once the heat comes back.

More soon, thanks for reading.


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