Cynically Twisted



Cynically Twisted

I am used to being called cynical,
And will gladly accept that l am critical,
Personally l think l am a realist,
Some have called me a pragmatist,
I prefer to be seen as an optimist,
But have been known to be a pessimist,

Of all these abilities and characteristics,
I would also like to think that l am altruistic,
It’s beyond a doubt now that l am Aspergic,
Which might explain my fondness for the heuristic?
Some have said that l can also be quite philosophic,
And many of late have said of me that l am quite surrealistic,

Recently someone said that l was incongruous!
Which considering my perplexity l thought was fabulous!
Then again someone also said that l was unrealistically simplistic!
Which l did take umbrage to it’s just easier to be logistic,
People are just way too narcissistic,
In their assessment of what they don’t understand, it’s fatalistic,

But l can say with a fact, that l am not cynically twisted,
Yeah-sure l am and can be annoyingly persistent
And yes l can be seen to be classed as extremely contemptuous,
At times, this prose a classic example: superfluous!
But twisted? Nay that’s rubbish it’s like saying l am not trusting!
When in reality, the truth is way simpler, l am simply readjusting!!

© Rory Matier 2012



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