Nothing But Junky



Nothing But Junky

There was a time when the above image was pretty close to my own DVD collection, which in 2008 had a quantity of 6000 films, covering many genres, but catagorised into actors and not specifically ‘genre’. Of course the above image was found in Pixabay. My collection in 2008 was lovingly listed into a huge database and as it was a special interest of mine [films] l spared no expense at filling the gaps in my collection.

However by 2009 my life had changed and l found myself moving into a 40 foot caravan with insufficient space for 6000 DVD’s so something had to be done and fast.Β  So during the Summer of 2010 l attended car boot fairs and set up a table and started selling my collection off and during that summer l offloaded roughly 5000 films!

Back then, l made a staggering figure of about Β£2000 which wasn’t bad for 8 years ago. My tables slightly resembled these below.


However in 2012 when l moved away from the caravan with now 1000 films it was still more manageable than say 6000, but it was still a little irksome, and so l sold a couple of hundred to just make the collection more slimlined. I watched most of the films on a very regular basis as l didn’t have the likes of Netflix or Amazon Prime or even really that big a selection on the cable television service l was with.

In the 2010 car boot sales l sold predominately my main genre of horror off, it was an astounding collection of A&B movies and some real classics. That genre made up almost 60% of the 6000 original collection figure, it was somewhat safe to say that back then l was not a marginal horror collector by any standards.

From 2013 – 2017 l had 800 DVD’s and they were a prized possession or if not that then most assuredly a defined collection. But also, in 2015 Suze and l started to live together and so we had Sky Television, and so my avid DVD film watching started to take a back seat.

In 2017 the collection looked more like this …



However in 2017, Suze and l made a decision to downsize much of the surplus to requirement books, DVD’s and so on, and have a basic decluttering month, and during that time we held a couple of boot fairs and what we didn’t sell we gave away, although l tended to find successful sales on the DVD’s, sadly many books had to be given away to charity.

The collection which was 800 in the above photos, was reduced down by a further 500 and raked me in about Β£600 which was still excellent money in consideration to the now very active likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime and Streaming movies.

So at the start of this year left with a mere 300 movies l was quite content – however l hardly watch any movie DVD’s in the collection anymore because of Netflix or Amazon Prime. I don’t tend to watch the terrestial television programmes any more. I watch on average two films a day five days a week, and am usually watching something when either writing, reading or gaming so am never far from a movie playing. The photo below although taken in August 2016 when we just moved here shows how l have my set up here for working and writing or these days blogging and the screen on the far left is actually a flat screen TV, with two computer screens to the right, displaying how important my film watching is as a hobby.


Ideal set up for film watching, gaming and writing.

We have another TV in the loungeroom, and Suze and l may watch a film, but mostly it’s a series on Netflix and we are always keen to find good ones. Suze is more of a big screen movie watcher, whereas l prefer the DVD watching.

However now with the fact that l tend to watch more online films as in NetFlix or A/Prime, even my very reduced collection of films now receives very little watching and today l started to once more zap and see if there were any for sales with the likes of Ziffit and they took 32 films with the sales total of Β£40 sounds okay, except it’s not as three were huge and complete box sets worth more than the money offered, however at least they will be sold.

Below is the collection as it remains now, the films on the first and second shelves are being kept [for the time being] and the bottom shelf are to be sold and a buying market found.


So a significant difference now from all those years ago, and yet l cannot seemingly just part with the whole lot for sentimental reasons. The reason for this post is it ties in one with the need to downsize unwanted goods but also as l read an interesting article a week ago in the paper that says our society has become a nation of hoarders of clutter? I oft wonder at this as l am not a hoarder per se, but a collector and is there a difference?

One has this image mentally of hoarders surrounded from floor to ceiling and in every room by junk, clutter and rubbish, piles of unwanted newspapers, boxes of damaged goods, wardrobes filled with shoes, dresses, shirts, coats, sox and what nots, attics and garages overfilling with the dregs of previous years, and yet more closer to the truth, whilst those are hoarders to the extreme, the article stipulated that it is NOT just those who hoard but more so collectors, which l did find very interesting.

As a kid l have always collected things be it books, stamps, soldiers, comics or just collectibles themselves, but once the interest has waned l have always offloaded and just kept a memento of some sort. The only thing l have in major surplus now is the DVD’s and by the end of this year they will probably only exist on a one shelf system, once l let go of the emotional tie.


I have around fifteen colourful custom made waistcoats from the 80’s when l was in fashion and l cannot seem to let them go, but l know l will never wear them, l have around 60 extremely vibrant and colourful neckties from the 80’s and back to the 40’s as l used to collect them, but l haven’t actually worn a tie since 2004 and these days not many people wear either waistcoats or ties for work anymore and these things have become almost as redundant as the DVD and book market.


The study suggested that we keep these ‘collections’ for emotional reasons or a lost childhood, or because we believe will wear them again in the case of fashion, or they may become useful again in some way, so whilst not being overly materialistc we keep onto things because it awards us a feeling on satisfaction, gratification or achievement or simply they award us with memories from a time afore when things were better?

What do you think? Do you collect, do you hoard or do you have items from years ago, that you just can’t let go of for whatever reason?

Ps: The other reason l wrote this post, was because Ziffit agreed to buy my copy of Dr. No with Sean Connery, which made me think of The Greats of our Time series and also Melanie of sparksfromacombustiblemind who had requested the works of Sean Connery.

17 thoughts on “Nothing But Junky

    1. Hey πŸ™‚

      Thanks – yes l like them as well, but l have been thinking l may have to see them go. I was trying to think of crazy ideas with them with regards posts, that may still happen, there are strangely enough stories tied in with many of them and the ties πŸ™‚

  1. I am reading your post looking at the pictures and than I saw it. You have the exact same Salt Rock Lamp as I. I do believe that they may even be same shape. I was distracted. Downsizing/streamlining is an awesome thing now isn’t it? πŸ™‚

  2. I cleared out all my (mostly fiction) books years ago – only to build up a collection of history books!
    On a side note: I’ve seen images of people recycling ties, making cushion covers and the like – they looked really cool. πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Ruby, when l downsized the books – we got rid of loads and loads, sad in many ways because l hate getting rid of books, but at least l haven’t rebuilt them …yet πŸ™‚

      Cool idea about the recycling – must look into that – cheers πŸ™‚

  3. I don’t really have much in the way of collectibles per say; couple of books of collectible cards that probably aren’t worth much that I have carried around for years because hell, what else do you do with them anyway?

    I did have a lot of books, and I downsized the collection to probably 25% of what it used to be. I stopped collecting DVDs after I ended up with a box or two of pretty much useless VHS tapes. Now if I want something bad enough, I buy it on Amazon Prime. The same goes for books. I like that I can replace books in an online format and I don’t have to dust them, or carry them when I move.

    Every now and then I look at the bric-a-brac I have laying around and think of rehoming some of it. I’ve got stuff that is 20 years old, most of it gifts from other people or items I bought here and there on significant trips. Sometimes I look at it and think “you should re-home it, you’re not in your 20’s anymore” but then I am looking at something a friend gave me for a birthday, and that friend has since passed on and its all I really have to remember them by.

    I doubt it’s hoarding; certainly its not collecting either. But some of it is nostalgic and related to the memories of people no longer with us, and the rest are gifts from people still in my life and I would feel guilty if I just up and passed it on to someone else. So I don’t know lol. I’m probably going to see about selling those cards off somewhere though.


    1. Hey Cherilyn,

      I am not a hoarder, l have been a collector, but the things l do have trouble offloading are those things which do have memories attached to them also πŸ™‚

      1. Oh I didn’t figure you for one lol. Big difference between someone who collects items and keeps them neat and organized and someone who “collects” literally everything and there is so much of it that organization is not possible. Hoarding in that sense really should be classified a mental illness.

        1. I know, one of my exes was a a serious hoarder but she did it with animals and it was heart breaking, it was one of the additional reasons we split up, because of the neglect she was guilty of, and l couldn’t keep up with feeding someone else’s animals in addition to running a busy business, she was hoarder extreme.

          I found the article interesting, because so many people do collect ‘things’ for a variety of reasons, not just hoarding, as you have rightly said gifts from people no longer with us is a perfectly good reason, because although we can mentally remember them, holding that mememento rekindles so much more πŸ™‚

          1. That is heart breaking. I volunteer with an animal rescue that sometimes deals with animal hoarding situations. We have a lady who is really good with talking them down and getting them to hand over the animals. It’s not easy though.

            1. No, sadly animal hoarders are just aplenty as other hoarders – but with ‘newspaper’ hoarders at least animals are not suffering. At the time for me it broke me daily – and in the end l called in people to assist getting the animals out and of course as far as the ex was concerned it was us over, l could live with that split.

  4. Hay Rory,
    Ya I’m a collector of anything of real value, I use to have a lot of stuff tell it got ruand in a storm now after moving around this past year I have very little left just a couple of personal things and a couple of antice collectables that I intend to sell some day. The only thing I collecte still just for fun is coins I have an assortment from all over the world and penis dating as far back as 1919.


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