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Guess The Blogger!

Can you guess our mystery blogger?

Who is It?

20 Random Facts Are Your Only Clues … please submit your guesses in the comment section below.

Your answers need to include Blog Name and Link and Name or Avatar Name of the Blogger themselves and include the clues that helped you solve the riddle.

So Far we have had 9 bloggers successfully guessed – see the directory!

If you too would like to play, then send me an email to complete with 25 random facts about you and your blog, try not to make them too easy and don’t be afraid to make some cryptic. [I will also muddle them around as well]

But who is this below?

Seriously you don’t have a single clue?

Me? A dentist? No.

I was told not to jog, but shh l do, don’t tell anyone!

I love my daughter.

I smile often but that wasn’t always the case

I don’t take the meds prescribed to me!

I love my photography and post them to my blog.

I love my dog.

Mountain donkey’s what’s not to love?

Once a week is good for me! Make of that as you will!

l like routine, so much so l keep a blog scheduler

Love to cook and do so regularly

I am learning to speak differently to how l already do

Crochet, drawing and compliments make the day!

I have been known to be a little forgetful!

Twice Poet Only!

Positivity is King, you can quote me on that!

 I like the mountains but I came from the beach

Team Building begins with positive footprints forward

I often say this  _   _ You!

 l love salmon!

Who is this above?

Answer Christie of Miraculous Smile

27 thoughts on “Guess The Blogger! – Guessed

    1. Yes – there is no point bluffing ha ha. Ironically Christy and l were discussing you when she said had l not made the first clues released too hard and l said “Oh no, we have some serious shrewdies watching this series … like Britchy! We have to make it harder!!” 🙂

  1. Is the answer at the end to throw people off or keep them guessing?
    I never would have guessed who it was if I had not read Britchy’s guess.

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