Creative Ambience


Creative Ambience

And who today shall l hear,
To inspire, provoke, romance,
… my mind?

And which memory or thought,
Do l raise up from within,
… or shall l create anew?

And which palette do l look to,
To arouse my sensations,
…. or will she aid me?

And what shall l think of,
To herald what that which l pen,
… or is that too here?

With Moby, Blunt, Gray,
Diamond, Dido or even Blur,
As my mainstay,
Words appear out of slurry,
Music providing me with sounds,
Allowing me to drift inwards,
Into my recollections of thought,
Pulling memories into founding,
And offering just rewards,
For my mind to be brought,
Out alive into my fingers,
So that they dance to the rhythm,
…of the lyrics within my head,
Colours vibrating upon the spectrum,
Encouraging blankness to become versed,

And so begins the day,
…when imagination runs through,
Mind to fingers and then to page,
Firing me along all the way,
Till it starts to read true,
… and verses have created a pave,
Way into reality,
No longer residing within surreal,
Brushings of hidden intricacy,
Woven deep into memories,
Or dwelling in darkened steel,
Casings, for now identity,
Is shaping, and blankness ..
…no longer the enemy

© Rory Matier 2012


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