Happy Friday Folks


Just a quickie!

Have a totally fantastic Friday Folks!

My thanks to Ortensia for reminding me of that fact – l had actually forgotten it was today! [As in it being a Friday]


But also – today is Ortensia’s of Truly Madly Ordinary Wedding Anniversary so please give her your very best regards, greetings and wishes to as she describes herself an Italian Woman in Ireland!

It’s her 16th Wedding anniversary and l believe that is wax … so here we go – best l can find that is anniversary material.


Happy 16th Wedding Anniversary Ortensia

Here be cake!


7 thoughts on “Happy Friday Folks

  1. Happy Anniversary to Ortensia! It’s my seventh anniversary today too! I did get ‘im indoors a card even though he forgot my birthday which remains I acknowledged.. so I’ll treat myself with his credit card while in Ireland!

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