A Pirate Life For Me..


Aye, Blanche Bonny Britchy th’ bitchin one, I’ll warrant ye! That one’s th’ curse t’ thievin’ scallywags, dern’t mess with th’ Britchin especially when it comes t’ cake from th’ kitchen!

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

This poetry malarkey is too much! Jeez. My brain hurts!

I blame cake because I made a couple of dozen cupcakes today. I’m feeling a bit sick now because I’ve eaten four. My son Fartichoke exclaimed ‘Mum that’s your THIRD!’ I was very indignant I can tell you and righteously corrected him ‘It’s my second.

It was, the second of my second pair. Cake should always be eaten in pairs. Anything else is just rude!

Where was I? Oh yes! Rory at A Guy Called Bloke has challenged everyone to write a pirate post. There are no restrictions on format so please join in! Just tag him and me so we can all see.

Here’s my effort and this is it. No more poetry I promise!

Years ago while still a learnin’

Careers day set thoughts a churnin’

What should I choose? Who could I be?

To live on land…

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