4 Paws Diary – Ep 22


I happen to like this shot of me, which is why it’s here.

Episode 22

4 Paws Diary

10th September – 21st September

Doggy Deedpoll and Miss Scrappy Doo


Hey Everybody,


I hope as usual this finds you all well with waggy tails and high paws even if you don’t have them, whatever your equivalent is – you know what to do.

Well, it’s been a good time since we last had a good old pow wow admittedly, well for me, l am in great health not perhaps so for Dad or Mummy. They are both in the wars, Mummy has a poorly elbob [Mummy’s term], and Dad has still a poorly – pheweee, hard to explain, let’s just say that Dad leans to the right these days, or is it the left? Mm, not too sure, because whilst before, his right side is bad, now his left side is none too good either. Mummy said only last night, that at the base of Dad’s neck there are two huge swellings now, whereas, it was just a swelling on the right side. Doesn’t sound too good either way.

He was quite unwell for most of the start of this week, and isn’t altogether fighting fit today, but much better than he was at the start, and that is just with the stomach, when l ask him about the shoulder he simply says, “Easier not to ask Doods.” So l leave it be.

As to me, well l know that Mummy and Dad are very impressed with me and my own recovery. I was talking to them both about it earlier this week and they explained it to me in very, very, very fine detail – it is quite scary when they explain it quite like that l have to say!

But the end result is that l practically have no left knee, that the cartilage is very bad and practically not existent, and that it is mostly bone on bone, but l am too old for an operation and it wouldn’t be fair on me. Then they told me of all my lumps and bumps on my body, the nodules on my lung and then about my not so good spine, but said that in spite of point blank refusal of any medication, l have decided to only have my trusted Metacam – that for an old bird, l am in pretty good shape and better than the pair of them! I did say that perhaps when they order a new bottle of Metacam, perhaps we should go for the family size, then we could all feel better. Apparently my M is not good for 2 leggeds?

As to the food situation – well l am back on my normal Natural diet, but l also have cooked turkey or chicken, in fact l can smell the turkey in the oven cooking right this very moment .. mmhm! Lovely, lovely and even more lovely!



I was at the vets last night for my least favourite activity! Anal glands! What is it with 2 leggeds and my anal glands? Why, why and WHY do they have to be cleared out with such frequency? Mummy said l was ‘scooting again’, well l like scooting, it is also there for itching my … bits! But oh no, Dad said l was scooting not to scratch anything, and that my glands needed doing again before the whole house stunk. [Bit rich coming from Mister Tummy Troubles and especially in the earlier part of the week … l will say no more, well apart from you didn’t want to be sleeping outside the small funny room that they become so frustrated when l come to visit them in. Strange noises indeed, and they say l smell … helllloooooooo?]

However it was whilst at the vets that l was asked to step onto the scales in the same way that they do EVERYTIME, that l had to speak my mind, see if you understand … “Okay can you get him on the scales please.”

To which point Dad said “she.” And to which they said, “Oh yes we keep doing that, it’s because her name is Scrappy.” Dad responded with, “It’s a namesake after Scrappy Doo, because ‘she’ was so mischevious and cheeky when younger, does it not say she is a female on her records?”

So not only do l have to have my glands done, and despite my frequency of visits since 2017, they still don’t understand that l am a little girl! I wear pink to state that, and before anyone says anything, l chose the pink. I have three favourite colours – pink, purple and red. Keep your blues and greens, of the three, l actually like pink and sometimes pinky purple. I also happen to love the fact that l was named after Scooby Doo’s cousin ‘Scrappy’, because Dad is spot on, and as l am nearly 15 [this November], he should know, we have been together for nearly 15 years, and if he says l am a Scrapster then l am a Scrappy.

Scrappy was known as Scrappy Dappy Doo, and l am known as Scrappy Doodlepip the ‘pip’ being the feminine part to me, and yet the Vet receptionists, still get it wrong!

On the way back, l was talking about this with Mummy, and she said that she is going to design a Doggy Deedpoll, and so name me Miss Scrappy Doodlepip, so they will not get it wrong in the future. Sounds quite dignified l feel … Miss Scrappy!



Mummy and Dad are going to buy me a new harness, as they say my [pink/purple] one is getting too old, ragged and worn, so Dad’s been taxed with finding me one this weekend. Looking forward to that, l feel so safe and secure in mine. But bah humbug, Mummy says l have to have a new matching collar as well and l hate wearing my collars!!


I feel my number is up on the ‘l am poorly angle’ of life! I knew that as soon as they both said l smelled and not just because of my glands that it would not be long before the B word was mentioned! Now, there is talk that l am to be washed and groomed, l even heard Dad ask the vet if it was okay for them to wash me? Yikes! So l suppose that is now on the books! Oh well, l got away with it for quite a while.


Oh well, can’t blame a girl for trying…. until the next time l paw you, have a great week!

6 thoughts on “4 Paws Diary – Ep 22

  1. Greetings from the other side of the pond Ms. Scrappy. My sympathies about that horrid anal gland business. I get the ‘treatment’ about once every six weeks because mine apparently fill up fast and then I’m scootching around scratching things that itch. I agree..isn’t that what those carpet things are FOR? It’s getting cold over here, so I’m saved from that dreadful B-word. My hoomin is likely to grab me and pop me into the kitchen sink and wash me there…I’ve shown my displeasure by showing my teeth and snarling, and shaking water all over her and everything all around, but she will persist. So I’m not sure if having those glands evacuated or having a bath is worse…one leads to the other my hoomin says. Because I usually come out of the vet smelling to me pretty darned good, but my hoomin wrinkles her nose and says words like “stinky” and “bath” and other unnecessary verbage. Hoomins are hard to understand, but they do provide us with tasty chicken or turkey or sometimes a bone or some beef. I can live with that! Glad to read you are doing well! Now we need to get your hoomins fixed up, right?

    1. Hunydog – my princess – good to hear from you! Oh yes, yes, l say the same thing exactly, 2 leggeds, hoomins got a lot to learn about being true dawg!

      Somehow l feel they will never truly get it though!

      However Huny, you and me know the truth! Power to the Bark – we are the superior species.

      Yes, need to get my two sorted.

      Give tail wags and high paws to your hoomin for me please.

  2. Zeus says you should proudly wear your collar. He gets very upset if we take his off for any reason. Since he was homeless for a while, he says wearing a collar means you have a family and you are loved.
    He also wants to know why you don’t want a bath. He loves to splash around in the water. He even likes to bite at water running from a hose. He said it’s great fun to get completely went, then shake off all the water all over your two-legeds. The look on their faces is hysterical. BOL!!

    1. BOL!

      I like the water in the sea, but they say uh nuh no go!
      I’,m with Dad on the collar though, he said he had to wear one for thirty years of his life except his was called a ‘tie’ and he doesn’t miss it anymore, which yikes and double yikes sounds way worse that my collar. But Mummy says l should wear mine as it makes me look prettier. I may have to run it to a vote!


  3. Atta girl Scrappy – no to the B-word! The Pepsi-dawg tries hiding under the bed, behind he couch, under the doona, and even in the laundry basket – all to no avail! So, so, so unnecessary – how are all the other dawgs gonna know who I am with no smell? Wrrroooof!

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