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Decision Times and nothing ventured, nothing gained!

A decision had to be reached l concluded on Tuesday night, l was in so much pain, discomfort and agony. My stomach and therefore my bowel were working in cahoots against me in so far as the new tablets – the Gabapentins. Designed to relax the muscles, and yet aggressive against the stomach itself. I had been experiencing chronic stomach pain since Sunday night and l seemingly couldn’t shake myself loose of the toilet for longer than 90 minutes max and after umpteen times to the toilet during both Monday and Tuesday l decided to stop taking them. They weren’t helping the pinched nerve problem and all they were doing was attacking me in other areas.

So Tuesday night l stopped taking the tablets – the residue of the previous tablets were in my system as was, and l knew that a detox would begin once they started to realise no more were being swallowed to enter the body. Yesterday morning, still in chronic stomach pain and even more frequent trips to the loo l started the road to taking no tablets whatsoever.

Taking tablets has always been a bane of mine, l never wanted to rid my good stomach bacteria for chemical bacteria, and that is what has happened after three months of solid tablet taking. So damaging has it been that it has triggered a serious attack of my Candida and now the only tablet l am taking is one solitary Candaway to help replenish and rebuild the healthy gut bacteria again.

Here l am Thursday still in pain with my stomach but finally it is easing off, to just being painful, so hopefully by this time next week the only thing l will have to contend with is the pinched nerve again which is bad enough all by itself without tablets as the pain floors me, but to have serious stomach pain and pain from my neck down to my fingertips on the right side was becoming too much.

Yesterday was seriously hard work, as the pains from both areas were dogging me from the time l awoke to the day to the time l had to retire very early last night, only to be have the roughest night since pre-June.

This bloody pinched nerve has been with me since January 21st this year when l first noticed the cramps in my elbow to now. I got the Doctor’s involved early June as l couldn’t take the pain any longer and if l had thought that was bad enough then that sado macochist of a physiotherapist went and tore open the healed scarred tissue in atypical gung ho manner making things ten times worse late June to where l am now, once more in almost blinding pain, but this time with no tablet aid.

I will be honest and say l don’t think this is the wisest choice, as l am addicted to not having pain in comparison to some silly tablet addiction that the medical profession fear, however l can only hope that the results from my MRI come through soon and something positive occurs as the whole thing is making me pretty damn depressed.

Not being able to do anything constructive is not making Rory a happy boy, it is that simple. Sure l can write and even they have said don’t write for long periods of time, and l know that as even this entry is taxing me pain wise, so all the tales l have planned take me much longer. I have countless stories in post dated drafts, with a little bit being added almost daily. However l seem to have become almost King in producing much shorter stuff in so far as all the smaller dailies l run.

I have noticed as the detox begins that other things are happening, hot flushes, fevers, searing shooting pains in my head, cramps and the list goes on and it is quite frightening that this is only the early days, fuck knows what it is going to be like by the end of this week!

Hopefully today, the back has been broken to the frequent toilet trips, as Suze says l am going to have to invent some kind of reusuable toilet paper otherwise!


Making matters worse and l got a nasty cold developing – well that’s just bloody typical!!

Gotta laugh eh? Well sneeze and sniff!

Dear Blog ……

15 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 08.25 – 20/9/18

  1. I saw a programme that said one of the best ways to help increase the good bacteria in our guts is to eat Porridge for breakfast.

    I think colds are everywhere at the moment because of the shift in the weather. I am currently eating lots of oranges to try to keep mine at bay. 🙂

    1. Sadly, l eat a strange diet Kristian, it’s a healthy diet, but due to the candida, it means my diet is even more restrictive than most, the irony and is true irony, is l am not even allowed to eat oranges due to the citrus content, and the task of trying to find porridge with the specifics l have is nearly impossible 🙂

    1. Hey Betty many thanks – Scrappy sends you both her regards also and says that she is taking matters into her own paws and will design the new interview in which Lola can take part 🙂

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