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Every evening, after the Night Folks post has gone out, l start writing up some of my post dateds for the morning. It’s not that l am not awake in the morning, l am usually awake by around 6.45am, but l am not always compos mentis before something hot to drink in the morning and there are things l need to do in the morning, so being one for routines and schedules, it’s nice knowing that things are going out, even if l am NOT always at the helm.

But one of the things l do do every evening, before that is go through my spam folder, to ensure that l have not missed anyone elses’ comments, and l have done this ever since a post made by Britchy brought it to my attention. Since then, l have never missed any valuable comment, and in fact l am so good now, that l hardly ever get a missed comment in the file – but what l do get is a daily or nightly a capture of ‘spam comments’ which l painstakingly go through before deletion making sure l am NOT deleting a viable comment.

Have you ever read any of this garbage that is written by these spam posters? Is there an online course that they take to turn the perfectly good language of English and turn it into absolute gobbledygook of nonsensical terminology or is a natural skill set they possess?

Next time you go though your spam, look at some of these comments before deletion and ask yourself this question “How on earth do they even think that makes sense?”

Night all. R

7 thoughts on “A Night Night Thought – Gobbledy Gook!

    1. Hey Kristian, absolutely, l am wondering if these are the words of thanks we be seeking – so instead of ‘Thank you’, ‘Pleasure, l should be writing, “Yor Momma green bike!” or maybe “Pink monkeys garden hose in sunken petals!” 🙂

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