A casting glance was all but it took,
… and l was caught,
Mesmerised within her web,
Of fine gossamer silkiness,
Entwined by shadow threads,
… of such fine caresses!

Brushing my soul lightly,
… touching me, holding my gaze,
Enticing me further into darkness,
And dazzling my spirit with magically,
… incensed scents of desiring kisses,

Lost on the clouds of moonlight,
… flightless , and silent,
Yet so mysterious,
… dancing to harvest song,

Smelling her upon the nights breeze,
Tangled up in the darkening skies,
.. Helpless was l,
Snared by her hex upon my heart,

And upon the hour,
… did l awaken to such a smile,
Miss do l , such beauty from then,
Timeless castles of memory,
From dreams of night afore,
.. When dance did l,
And make love till dawning,
With my mistress of golden mornings.

Guy or Bloke, Your Choice


16 thoughts on “Hexed

Add yours

    1. Thank you for your words of kind and compliment.

      It’s funny this piece came to me when l awoke one morning, and you know that first minute of the day when we awaken and if we have dreamed during the night, those thoughts are with us first thing, and it lay there, and l thought what caused that dream?

      I think it was a mixture of past lovers and their beauty combined which makes up for the hex, and how we miss at times, those intimate moments of joy.

      I love the way readers interpret each to their own thinking and can relate, so thank you for sharing your words with me today.

      Have a great day 🙂

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