A Joke a Day …




…… Keeps the Gloomies Away!

“I weigh nothing, and yet you can see me, you can put me in a bucket and still l make the bucket lighter – what am l?”


Answers in the comments section please




11 thoughts on “A Joke a Day …

  1. However….I have written down six numbers and letters so far this week and still feel rather confused. I keep counting the letters in other bloggers sites.
    Oh…by the way, I sent a couple of photos last night. Sorry for the delay. I had some other ideas but I keep forgetting to take my tablet and the pens out to take photos.

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  2. Hey Mel, l have received them and emailed you back with many thanks 🙂

    Later tonight the last letter will be revealed inside the full compliment of letters with the clue, so panic not in case you have missed anything in this five day period 🙂

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