Oh Woe Is Me!



Oh Woe Is Me!

I have to be honest, l have to be true,

Going to tell it straight, directly to you!

Weary l am, tiring it is getting me down,

No seriously, being honest it’s making me frown!

I am absolutely sick to my back teeth,

No lying, nor taking the pith!

Without a shadow of doubt,

It’s a rant, a vent, a right proper shout out!

The bloody tablets are doing my head completely and utterly in!

Damn Doctors, with their toing and froing,

Unable to decide what is which and which is what?

Giving me this, that, the other and upsetting the gut!

All colours, shapes and sizes galore,

I tell them to simply decide and they just give me even more!

Pinks, whites, greens, yellows, plain and blue striped too,

Small, large, round, oblong, oval and square in ones and twos!

Twice a day, three times a night, every 4 hours,

My stomach is twisted and churning and in need of repairs,

Get used to type one, start with type two, end with type three,

I swear down, they are taking the pee out of me,

I need investments in toilet paper, honestly l think l do,

The toilet and l are best sodding friends now, it’s bloody true!

Constantly in and out, flushing almost all day l am,

Beginning to feel it’s a right old sham,

Worse yet it’s the pain you see, it’s really no fun!

Need proof do you eh? Well then ask my poor sore bum!


5 thoughts on “Oh Woe Is Me!

  1. Nice poem Rory, sounds like those tablets are for twetal d and twetal dumer, maybe your doc’s should be on them.


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