International Pirate Day!!



“Alright me lovlies, September th’ 19th be Talk Like A Corsair Day, what be we goin’ t’ do t’ celebrate it?? “      

“I can talk quite well in Corsair anyways, but should ye wish t’ have yer speech translated, l would suggest ye use somethin’ like this application here.”    

I would like t’ see suggestions please in th’ comments section, let’s see if we can do somethin’ special eh? “

I reckon we have right pirates here anyway, like Melanie B C, or Britchy, Grandma, Charmin’, Kristian th’ pair o’ em like, Teresa, Cage, Beckie, Dawn, Ashley, Betty and l can think o’ quite a few aft that too, and ye probably can also. Maybe we should have one o’ those continuin’ tayles like? what do ye think?    

 As t’ mascots, well l have Scrappy, then there be Zeus, Pepsi, Huny and o’ course we mustn’t forget th’ mischievous guinea pigs nor Betty’s parrot Lola!   So what say ye all me hearties, one fer th’ Cap’n and one fer all!      



 International Talk Like a Pirate Day


Talk Like a Pirate Translator




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  1. Shiver me timbers mat’e arr what bore soul ye send to Dave Jones locker to discover’r this treasure mat’e. 😜😂


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