Brown fingering Day – a Mulching We Will Go!


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September 2018

Brown fingering Day – a Mulching We Will Go!

In a very miniscule way l can empathise with my Father and his annoyances with being bed bound. However that doesn’t mean that in any way , shape or form l can accept his abusive behaviour in expressing his frustrations – that is inexcuseable.

My right side is extremely restrictive, and now somewhat irksome my left side is starting to experience problems too, due to the left having to compensate for the right. Until such a time arrives that l am instructed by advanced therapy what can be done, l am at the mercy of becoming somewhat redundant and that is beyond frustrating. So l try where l can do, to perform tasks that whilst might award some discomfort l can cope with it. Of course it is way easier to carry out tasks on the right pills. Today l am on tramadol – they are my dog’s, before anyone raises the alarm bells, there is no difference to the K9 tramadol and the human one. But l spent a considerable amount of time researching it today. As we were not able to get them down Scrappy’s neck, l thought well as long as l am not silly – l will try one and see if it has any affect on me.

It does, it doesn’t take the pain away completely but when taken with the new tablets it is way better than just rolling around in serious discomfort.


Compost heap’s current state


Holding it’s own though.

I can’t write the way l used to, so l must write downwards and in shorter prose content, but l have learned to adapt to the situation. But today l wanted to do something practical. If you follow this series you will know l have been harping on for the last couple of episodes about doing some shredding to add to our mulch pile. With the shredder l have, a favourite possession l hasten to add, it does make the task much easier to complete and with the branches l have been given by Dodge which have been drying beautifully for the last month, they are ready to do a valuable job for our garden!

I have missed not being able to attend to my compost heap, yes l have and only composters alike can really relate and sympathise to that. I adore the composting process and love to see the end result. The compost heap has literally a life its own and is a truly beautiful work of art to those who understand its content. However despite my lack of interaction with it, it is actually doing pretty well. Considering that for the last few months l have not tilled it over once and simply kept on adding debris to the top. The internal heat has done its magic and reduced the overspill to manageable levels.

Inside the greenhouse, thanks to Suze’s green fingering [yes l know it just sounds wrong, but not as bad as my ..] … and my brown fingering gardening compost, our Pepper plants are actually l personally believe striving to achieve Triffid status! They are huge, but we are now just starting to see the fruits of both of our labours as they too are starting to fruit up!! Yipee! The aubergines are doing a fantastic job also, and are producing quite a bounty of fruits as the photos display.


Aubergine plants are now producing a healthy crop of fruit.


Quite sizeable too are these aubergines.


The Peppers thinking they are Triffids!



We have an assortment of sweet, hot and spicy peppers growing, good to see the fruits emerging.



I am so looking forward to harvesting off the Horseradish which is doing extremely well now the leaves are dying off and soon the roots will be able to be dug up and Suze and l can go through the eye watering process of blending that and making some seriously hot sauce that ironically neither of us could probably eat, but we will have them as x-mas presents for others. It’s in its second season now, and the roots will be lush.


However, the job that l find seriously satisfying is the shredding down of the branches and the twigs we had been given by good ol’ Dodge from his fig tree.


The end result of an hour’s worth of shredding – great garden mulch!


Preparing for the shred!


Some of the bigger branches.


A bag of smaller sticks for some roughage and we are off!


And sticks are reduced to this – it’s awesome, relaxing, a great for destressing!

I needed to destress after yesterday, and sure it did cause me some pain which is why l couldn’t do more than an hour, it may not be a lot, but it basically means that l am still trying my best to help out.

More soon, thanks for reading.


6 thoughts on “Brown fingering Day – a Mulching We Will Go!

  1. Yes, I am a fellow composter and wormer – but I don’t have a shredder, and I don’t turn the heap. I use the sticks as ‘cross-pieces’ in the pile so that air gets into the middle. A bit of a wiggle every now and then, and the heap does magic without needing to be turned. I do cover it when full (an old canvas tent does that job) and start on the new one.
    It’s fun, isn’t it?
    However, considering the physical issues, maybe stick to 15 mins at a time? That’s my limit, if I want to be able to do something the next day. Enough exercise to move the blood through the area and do its job to help the healing, not enough to do harm (fingers crossed).

    1. Hi Cage, I used to turn it every month as it helps the breakdown faster. Sadly now with restriction l am unable to turn it. But all it means is that when it is turned to be sieved it will be a different mix. I keep mine covered as too much water makes the compst deteriorate in the wrong direction, but l will lift the canvas off during a light shower as that is an even balance of water through the levels.

      Like you l have two, albeit, one is the turnaround bin, where upon when tilling l would simply move one pile dug and place into the second chamber. So for the time being l will simply keep adding to the current pile, luckily the heat is reducing 6-8″ a week, which is brilliant.

      Yes, it is fun, it’s brilliant fun watching the process, l have missed seeing the slow worms this year though so that was a bit of a let down.

      My concern is that if l don’t do something with my arm, when the therapy starts it is going to be a really hard grind which l would not be looking forwards to. i have said to Suze that l will do 15 minutes every three hours this week weeding the right hand side of the garden, good for my exercise, and good for the garden and a real help to her as well. 🙂

      1. That’s all I can do, but I can’t let the weeds take over rulership of the garden – the birds are bad enough! Pepsi can vouch for that – and she gets lost in what’s growing at the moment – tall, green, lush – and just for a change in Adelaide – wet!

        1. same problem here with birds and weeds. Scrappy has a distinct problem with Pigeons and especially the Woody’s it’s always a case of the ‘Get of my Land’ challenge 🙂

          as for weeds, good grief Charlie Brown, but they sure do make me frown! When it was really hot nothing grew as far as they were concerned and yet a spot of rain and BOOM!!

          They are like arnie ! “We’re back miss us??”

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