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It’s All About M, Me, Me …

… and yet l have to ask, when has it not been?

Suze and l had been planning on visiting my Father the weekend we are currently on, and this had been arranged two weeks ago. However after the last week passed and my Father’s eloquent phrasing of ‘Get out of my life Rory!” last Wednesday. Of course l have dumbed it down slightly as it was a tad more explosively vehemently expressed during our phone call. Both Suze and my own attitude towards my Father’s venom, made us feel completely unworthy of his attention and left an extremely sour taste in our mouths and l had informed my Sister that we would not be attending him this weekend and if she was wise, she might consider performing the same.


However late Friday night, l received a message from my Father on the answer phone that had been left at 9pm and we realised we had missed his call from earlier in the evening. The message simply said “Wet wipes Now! You are coming tomorrow, l need wet wipes now!” I rang the carers and requested if they could take wet wipes to him the following day [these were for the fact that he had refused to wear the pads my Sister had bought for him on the previous Thursday and he had soiled himself] but they responded with they didn’t do shopping calls, l tried the District Nurse, and couldn’t get hold. I told my Sister and she wasn’t planning to go down, but said she would. I felt guilty and told myself this is your Father, visit him, he is dying. Told my Sister l would go, that l would simply double dose myself up on the new tablets and go.

Totally, totally bad move! It has now become one of the biggest regrets of my life and trust me when l say that IS saying something!

I had previously bought my Father a new mobile phone on the premise that his exact same model was broken. I Got the same one he already had, forward thinking slightly that the small screen and keys he had must be frustrating so got him the senior version of the Doro 1360 which was a slightly longer and wider phone that had a bigger screen and bigger keys therefore making it easier for him to handle. I too have the Doro series mobile, it has four main functions no Internet access and no silly apps. Except the newer version of this phone was pretty damn impressive, so much so that in a atypical credo of Victor Kiam, “I liked it so much l bought the company!“, well okay l didn’t buy the company but l did buy this newer version which has Bluetooth and a few other features that my slimline 1360 didn’t. A nice easy to use 2G phone that l thought my Father would appreciate and at a reasonable of cost of aroubnd £26, and we also got him the wet wipes.

I will not deny l was apprehensive about the travelling and the visit especially and more so in light of his previous comments which had – had a pretty damning effect on his Son. The journey up to Surrey was a nightmare as it was a Saturday. Roadworks on the M25 meant we had to take the M2 combined with a SatNav that must have been out the night before on a piss up, as she was determined to not let us get to our destination without at least three misguided directives to locations which were not too far short of complete and utter idiocy, never mind wasteful on time. The effects of a digital drunk were clearly present! Anyway 3 hours later we arrived after wet set off at 9am.

I am currently on a new supposedly brilliant nerve damage controlling tablet called Gabapentin Zentiva which l can now say are absolutely bloody useless. These are the so called new pain killers, well that’s rubbish even on their information sheet they are there to support painkillers not take the place as the sole hero! They are slow releasing and they failed in every respect – yes, yes l know give them time. Fine, but not as the total replacement surely? Because they don’t cut it. Simple, take it from a man in complete agony travelling three hours up from Kent to Surrey on a Saturday – day irrespective – any day travelling is bad.


They have affects on you, never mind upsetting your stomach because they do that, but they after about 2 hours after taking them, cause you to suddenly lapse into a dribbling slurry voided blurry eyed zombie who wouldn’t know the time of day if asked by a clock!

There was a funny moment not long before we arrived at his place, we stopped off as a service station for a pee and a quick bit of breakfast. I went into the men’s toilet, was the only one in there thank goodness, l was really groggy and started to do my business for a pee, and found myself looking at myself in a mirror! I was thinking this is a weird toilet, why do they have mirrors in front of the urinals? Thirty seconds in and l suddenly realised l was peeing into the sink!!!  I was mortified and quickly changed places to the proper facility and when done completely washed the sink!

Bloody tablets!!

When we arrived at my Father’s he didn’t greet us, he didn’t say nice to see you, all he did was cuss and curse about everything – ok, fair do’s to that, l can understand that side to things ‘being ill’. But it didn’t stop there, he demanded to know if l had the new phone. So l said yes, l explained things to him, and he responded each time with anger towards me. I realised that his old phone wasn’t broken, that the problem was he had no signal. I explained to him that his house had always been problematic for signal and why did l get him a new phone if his wasn’t broken as he said?

“Don’t care what you do, just want a phone with a bloody signal! This phone is rubbish, useless, bit like you, once more l see you have failed me!These are hard comments to take from a man who l know now has more lucidity than he makes out. He is in full strength lying mode. Everything is about him.

I ignored as best l could and walked both my phone and his new phone now all set up through the house and only found two locations which l already knew to be better locations for signal, but they were in the kicthen and the utility room. “Fine then we move the bed there, don’t care about anything, just my signal!”

I said “You know your landline is better for you as it always has a line out?”

“Don’t care, am ill, do it now!”

“Cannot move your bed to those rooms it is not practical!”

I explained to him about a booster maybe helping the signal, he looked at me like l was a fool and said that he wanted one of those today right now, we were not to leave till that was in place.


Suze works all week and she is tired, she has two days off a week and they are pretty packed, as l am a non driver, she takes me up to see him, but she doesn’t expect to be treated like some lackey by a man she doesn’t really like anyway, she tolerates him because of his rudeness and his behaviours because he is my Father. But she wasn’t in the house for long before he demanded that he wanted things done, we did point out that those things can be done by his care package carers but oh no to keep the peace, Suze then went out and had to face the damn roadworks we had spent 15 minutes in trying to get to him that morning to pick up tablets and some bits and pieces. as much as she hated it all, she was better than the position l was left in.

“I wish to speak to my Son!” he said as Suze left.

Did we speak? Oh yes he did when not looking at me with disgust.

He demanded that l appologise to his ‘best buddy’ who was upset because l shouted at him and what were we arguing about as it had upset him and he was ill and l mustn’t forget that! I explained that l was his Son and that if anyone had the right to stand up for his health it was his children and that is exactly what we were doing. That the argument was about a conflict of opinion, that his ‘best buddy’ was interfering with the health carers and his own health,which he responded with ‘“Don’t care appologise he is upset!” I declined and said “Well your Son was upset, you don’t seem bothered by that?” Which shut him up.

But did we talk?

No, carers came and went and l listened to his aggressiveness towards them and his rudeness, his lack of courtesy to anyone and so on. My Father is a lucky man who has now been awarded a live in carer and when l explained what that person would be able to help them with. He became angry and said his two best buddies who are not professionally trained can do a better job.


Suze came back and with no booster, and then we were fired! “You have failed me, you’re fired!” he said “Please go.”

Suze was shocked, l was aghast. One of his friends came in [who has never met me] and said “Oh Rory you are so much slimmer, you used to be so fat!”

“I have never been a weighty person actually, considering l have never met you how can you say such a thing?”

“Your Father told me you were a horrible fat man?”

Well that was it, Suze and l picked up our bits said goodbye, once more no thank you for coming up. as we were leaving and going out the front door, l heard his friend starting to speak to him. he said quite loudly “Shh don’t say anything yet, wait till they are gone for good.”


I am done with this, l had the most horrendous journey back, l was in agony, roadworks took us 4 hours to get back, we stayed for three hours. so Suze and l were out of the house for ten hours. Scrappy who had been baby sat by our neighbours was thrilled to see us, as we were her.

No more, no more bad treatment from a sperm donor to myself or my lovely partner. My Sister is visiting him today and l have wished her the very best of British luck as l feel she is going to need it.

Dear Blog ……

24 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 12.05 – 16/9/18

  1. My heart bleeds for the two of you (and Scrappy), but enough is enough. you can’t help him. No one can. Save yourself and your partner, and your dog. Stress makes pain worse … please, think of your own health (and your sister’s).

    1. Hey Cage – exactly our thoughts – we are done with him, l don’t who he is – l am choosing to completely walk away If there is a dire emergency l will first check what can done professionally for him and then think on it, but we are not here to be treated like this. I am too stressed, am constantly on the verge of tears, and we both just have too much other stuff on our plates to be deal with this obnoxious me, me, me person. 🙂

  2. How terrible. Does he have dementia? My father became impossible to reason with towards the end but before he was ill enough to be put into 24/7 care. I still visited, but we no longer had real conversations. It was too stressful on me. It’s so hard when a parent turns into a child. 😢

    1. Hi Paula, sadly not at this stage, he is however very aware of what he is saying which is the real gut wrench. He was always a difficult Father when we lived with him as kids, all he has done is return to the man who used to beat myself and my Mother – that arrogant one is back.

      Whilst he has small vessel disease of the brain, it is not yet doing that much dementia to him. The doctor has even told us that demential is not present he is simply an angry bitter man.

      Dementia would be horrible but excuseable for his behaviour.

  3. How horrible for him to treat y’all like that, I would be done with him as well !!!
    The narcissist ass will probably end up in a nursing home heavily medicated so they can deal with him, nobody is gonna put up with that kind of crap.
    I’m so sorry for all the crap y’all have had to indoor from him, it’s time to look after yourself and get your problem taken care of.


  4. I agree with Cage, Rory. Your first responsibility is to yourself and those that care about you. It isn’t helping him either, to make yourself available to be a target for his abuse. (If it were me, I would even block his calls!) I’ve worked with people like this in Nursing facilities and found there is no satisfying them. No matter what you do it’s wrong. It’s extremely difficult to bear, even when you’re physically fit, getting paid for helping them and aren’t emotionally involved. In your situation, it is plainly intolerable! The best anyone can do in such a situation is to Bless them in your Heart and let them go, placing them in God’s hands. It is certainly out of yours at this point.
    Holding you and your little family in my HEART, wishing you well. My Love to you all. 💞

    1. Hey Betty, hope you are keeping well. just mentioned you and Lola in another post. [Pirate Day]

      Yes exactly, that is where Suze and l are right now, we don’t need this, l don’t envy the carers that my Father has, but l can sympathise with them, and sure they are paid to do the job, but no one needs this abuse.

      If Dad does not stop, as Dawn has suggested he will lose his home choice, get put into a nursing home and be medicated out of his control, before going to the hospice. However, what happens now as far as l am concerned is not my concern.

      Keep well 🙂

  5. This is too much. He’s out of control and getting aided by his obnoxious so called friends. You don’t need him, he needs you. That’s a shame for him because he can’t be allowed to destroy you and Suze with the stress

    1. hey Britchy, exactly. Oddly enough he has just left a message on the phone and l let it go to answer phone, l can not be bothered to find out what he wants because l think it has more to with his bloody mobile phone’s signal than it does myself or Suze.

  6. So sorry to hear of your troubles. My own father was miserable to us in his last days. But I was far from him and only had it by phone. About the gabapentin I also had it for a couple of weeks and had terrible stomach problems, so threw it away. Hood luck finding something that works. I’ve been on horrible addictive pain meds, ruined my kidneys and am now on nothing. I wish better for you.

    1. Hey Rugby [it’s Angela isn’t it?]

      Hope you are keeping well. yes l am not happy with the Gab at all, it is doing foul things to my stomach already. I am not sure why but l always have problems with a tablets side effects and usually prettyy DQ.

      Well my Father has just rung up and demanded to know what l am doing about his blessed phone again lol! The answer is nothing.

      Unless it is absolutely critical to be there, l am done. I don’t mind the behaviour aimed at me, l have had it all my life, but he crossed the line when he aimed it at Suze.

      He has more or less lost his Son with that.

      Keep well 🙂

  7. I’m sorry you and Suze had to go through that crap again. It’s past time to be done with, as you perfectly put it, the sperm donor. You’ve been much kinder than he deserved. Hopefully not having the stress of him will ease some of your pain. Is the UK cracking down on painkillers like the US is? Is that why they won’t give you actual pain killers?
    I have Fentanyl in my intrathecal pain pump and morphine tablets for pain spikes. It’s been drama getting my meds since Trump & the DEA decided all the people overdosing are pain patients. Idjits!

    1. Yes, l think this is what’s happening – the pain from the shoulder and neck now are chronic, every day, it’s not getting any better, it’s just getting worse.

      I heard a radio news the other day, and it said that UK Doctor’s surgeries are not going to be prescribing the likes of Tramadol for pain anymore because of that. It’s ridiculous, so in essence people who need pain killers are not receiving PK’s only AD’s which is a joke.

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