The Travels of Ugaloogalug!




Meet Ugaloogalug, he is  your typical caveman … well as typical as a typical caveman can be considering that let’s be honest who knows what the typical cavemen typically looked like? However l digress, Ugaloogalug or just Ug or Uggy to his mates – whilst out hunting as typical cavemen did, has discovered something seriously odd. He was tracking a woolly mammoth, yeah he was only tracking it, because a woolly mammoth is a helluva brute to take on single handledly and whilst Uggy is relatively dimwitted, he isn’t entirely stupid!


However Uggy isn’t the quietest of trackers and unbeknownst to him at the time, he too was being tracked but by a sabre toothed tiger!!


Now if it wasn’t for the undergrowth he was creeping through at the time and the twigs snapping underfoot and the noise causing him to snap upright in panic at the same time as both the woolly and the sabre turned towards him, well he might not have tripped over the mound and furthermore he might not have fallen down the hole beside the mound and still he might not have discovered the ‘odd thing’ that he discovered which actually wasn’t in the slightest bit typical for our typical caveman!

Oh no, oh oh no – this – this discovery was NOT normal – and let’s not go down the typical path of defining normal, because in that day and age, the likes of Uggy had a better grasp of  what was and wasn’t normal for his typical day and this thing before him was most assuredly not normal nor typical!

Before him was something he couldn’t even describe, first off the fall had taken him to a cave, that was filled with ‘stuff’ that he didn’t even recognise from his typical stuff not in the cave, but where he normally lived in his typical cave!

The stuff was in many respects irrelevant, it was the ‘odd thing’, the seriously odd thing that took his main attention away from the stuff as that was simply not typical at all!

Ugaloogalug, could be forgiven for not knowing what this thing  was before him, l mean he hadn’t the joys of seeing the film Encino Man [1992], because The Stone Age was a far, far, oh yes indeed folks, a very far , far cry from the likes of today! I mean only the other day it seemed he had first been introduced to a flint edge that could be used to make a pointy jabby thing that he could jab and point and stick things with! So this thing, well he had never seen … no really, he had never seen the likes before! And he never would even have contemplated this song! Because music wasn’t there unless you count the strange ug ugs in chanting?

Ugaloogalug was on the brink of an exciting discovery! Except he didn’t understand nor even comprehend what the brink of an exciting discovery was let alone could be because that was not typical to his day!

He walked closer to this strange looking thing and reached out and touched it … it was cold to the touch and a little like his jabby pointy sticky thing, but not as sharp! A bit like him, don’t tell him l said that, because he hasn’t even been told yet of the sarcastic remarks of an observing narrator!

He didn’t even know that this thing was a silvery thing, because he didn’t quite grasp that it was a different colour to his typical day, because well he didn’t understand colours, not yet anyway! But what he didn’t know was that this silvery thing that happened to be the same touch as his jabby pointy sticky thing was soon going to open up new worlds to him, and that he could very well be the first typical Stone Age caveman to discover time travel!

For before his was, a time machine!



Yes indeed folks, Ugaloogalug was looking at IT He didn’t know it yet,  that if he was to press any of the buttons or the dials that he would be transported to a hundred strange locations if not more, and he didn’t know yet that he would discover new things for the very first time … and further more he most assuredly did not know that The Travels of Ugaloogalug! Would soon be at the mercy of creative tale inspired bloggers who would write of his exciting discoveries throughout time in a new series on some blog in the distant future. That he did not know …

………… New series starting later this month! Make sure to tune in!

I supply the date, you supply the discoveries for The Travels of Ugaloogalug!

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