The Game of Life — This, That, and The Other

Blogger Melanie, over at Sparks from a Combustible Mind, posted a series of questions (along with her answers) on the philosophy of living life that she got from A Guy Called Bloke. As one of the great life philosophers in the blogosphere, I felt compelled to respond. So here goes. Q1] What is your take on […]

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Ever heard the phrase ‘Do the Fandango?’ Well it happens to be one of my favourites next to Tripping the Light Fantastic, and here we have our very own Fandago literally Tripping the Light Fantastic with these fabulos answers for Game On 🙂

Here’s a classic from the great line – up  – do make sure to check out Fandango’s blog [This, That and The Other ] if you don’t already 🙂

“I hope there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe because if we are the only intelligent life in the vastness of space, that doesn’t say much for the universe.”

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