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Good Morning folks, Have a totally awesome day!

Rory & Doodlepip


Atypically to my life currently and despite my own judgement  l find at the last minute that l MUST go down to my Father’s today. I found this out last night around 11pm. I started my post dated’s, however with the new medication l fell asleep at 11.20pm trying to start the post – dated’s for today, but here l am a 1.35pm, sorely awoken from my chair in front of the screen and now too achy to complete anything.

So l cannot award any of my usual’s for the morning, but will return and provide them to you this afternon, which l assure you with hand upon heart l find more rewarding than visiting a man who doesn’t want his Son in his life.

So, please have a totally fantastic day everyone – will be back later this afternoon.

So not looking forward to this at all.


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  1. We’ll stand at your back, guardians of a sort. Maybe when you get home, you get to have the dog bath and shake all the emotional drops off your back? I’m sure Scrappy will help.

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