Happy Birthday – Britchy!!


We have a Birthday Girl in our midst and that is none other than Britchy of Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

So let’s all woot woot to celebrate her Birthday. It was last Monday and practically no one remembered it, NOT even her own kids!!


Grab Yourself a slice and put your hands together for good ol’ Britchy please and please do share, it’s not right to have people forget your birthday!






20 thoughts on “Happy Birthday – Britchy!!

  1. Happy birthday Britchy.. we might be late in wishing you, but these wishes and prayers for your happiness are truly from the bottom of our hearts..

    A good soul, God’s child you truly are for people from across the world are here to share your moments of happiness and sorrow..

    1. Happy Birthday Britchy! Is your birthday Sept 10th? My youngest daughter was born on Sept 10th. I am not surprised that you would have the same b-day because, even though I only know you through your writing, I think you two have similar personalities. So I raise my glass (ice tea because it is too early for alcohol) in honor of you and Lindell who are gifted with the ability to bring people to tears, make them spit of their food, or roll on the floor in laughter. Here’s to you My Friend, have a great day!

  2. Britchy!!! Happy happy birthday to one of my most favorite people! My sister from another mister! The person with the wit and sarcasm I only wish I could have the tiniest portion of!! Love you girlie! 🎂😘🎉🎂🍾😂

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