Thank You


I just wanted to say thank you to my friends on WordPress for your support over the last few days. It has meant the world to me.

My second thank you is to all of my followers, today is my one year anniversary here in WordPress and l really appreciate the community here, more than l ever knew was possible. I love everything that you folks produce. I may not always get to read and like everything in the same time that you have written it, but l do get there eventually.

You are a fantastic community! Thanks for all the fantastic articles and posts you create and thank you for letting me read everything you do create.


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    1. Oh that is fantastic – l was just thinking of you Melanie as l was creating today’s Game – On and wondering if you got the pens – l am so pleased you have and thank you for letting me know – l hope you like them 🙂


    1. Hey Julie – and backatcha too and thank you it has been a great year of achievement with regards WordPress and writing, and fun and community and l think in some respects, no … many respects the greatest part has been interacting with the community and getting to know some truly beautiful people and also developing friendships 🙂

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      1. Nope. Not a single person remembered. My shitster – in – law has the same birthday. I wished her a happy birthday on FB and she neither acknowledged it or returned the greeting which isn’t a surprise because she’s truly a ugly natured cow

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      2. That happened to me on my 40th. The ex, the kids, everyone forgot or ignored. I was devastated.
        Happy Belated Birthday to a super awesome, wonderful, caring, hysterically funny lady that is my supreme pleasure to have in my WP family🎉✨🎂🍻💐🌟🌈🎁🎊💃💌💌

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