Dear Blog … 15.45 – 14/9/18


A Crime Against Humanity,

Why l started the Dear Blog series was because it is meant to be and is, an on topic series, a form of journal entries, like a diary, but equally – as many of you can relate to – is that whilst there is no question that we write for ourselves, we also write for an audience and to those of you who follow this series and comment, you do so on either relatability or resonation or to offer words of wisdom and or comfort. l write about things that affect my daily life in real time. Not like the poetry which deals with specific emotions and how l see and feel and interpret them, or of my tales and musings from my past, or even of the fun and frolics in so far as the challenges and quizzes, the 4 paws diary. or even the random quotes which as you know is once more something l have said over  the years gone and l marry it up with a quote that some one else has said.

I write here for both my sanity and my sanctuary, no different to any of you, irrespective to what you may be writing about, promoting, marketing or even advertising, everyone writes and blogs about something important to them.

You have read here of three main issues in my life that are hard pressing to almost a point of mental extinction – some are ongoing and some clear up, and over the time or future that lay ahead of my key strikes l will raise other issues. you have seen my views and opinions on my current plight with my pinched nerve, or the dreaded stess with potentially losing Scrappy and of course the ongoing stressful situation of the awful and bumpy road of the drama llama ding dong with my Father. But today l am going to raise with you a serious issue that does need your input!

It is dire, it is grave – IT IS peanut butter and banana on gluten free bread and sprinkled with salt which Suze says is a crime against humanity?

What do you think?

I think that her Marmite with banana is just awful and she thinks the below is just plain wrong, but what about you, a crime or a  delicious feast and what do you eat that is odd?


Ignore the tomatoes, although l say rather proudly they are picked this morning from our garden 🙂

Dear Blog ……

24 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 15.45 – 14/9/18

  1. Peanut butter and banana is yum!
    Some weird things I eat:
    peanut butter and strawberry jam with potato chips (on the sandwich)
    Also (this isn’t weird, but some folks think it is) tomato sandwiches with mayo S and P.
    I also eat kimchi right out of the jar.

    1. Awesome Robyn 2 – 0

      Actually l used to eat PB with jam and twiglets 🙂

      Haven’t tried mayo and toms, but with the amount of toms we have that is something l will try 🙂

      1. Rory! Tomato sandwiches are where it’s at! Totally a Southern thing. But, if you’re not wanting the bread, etc, you can just slice them, add a little dollop of may S and P and eat them with a fork. YUMMY!

  2. Marmite – you mean the salty, yeasty stuff? You use salt and she uses Marmite – same ol’, same ol’, ain’t it?
    And peanut paste? every time I take the jar out, it’s empty! so someone in our house likes it, but I have no idea who …

    1. Ha ha – Scrappy already has a go at me for using her PB, she says l should be using the 2 legged stuff with nuts in and not hers! She has also suggested that perhaps Pepsi might hold some answers to your missing paste …?

  3. I don’t like bananas so I wouldn’t eat it, but my daughter LOVES pb & nanner sammiches.

    Definitely try the tomato with mayo, salt & pepper. Delicious! One of my favorites, especially home grown tomatoes.

  4. I wish I liked Marmite…, it’s vegetarian and supposed to be nutritious, but after many years of trying to like it…I don’t.
    If I did like it…I think I could just about tolerate the thinnest spread on some heavily buttered toast – ever with a banana!
    Love peanut butter…very happy to have it with banana.
    Tomatoes with pesto and some mozzarella or avocado…even better!.

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