Have a Great Day Folks


Gooooood Morning folks, yeah l know the above is baaaad, but l can’t help bleat on about it at times, at least l am not trying to pull the wool over your eyes though 🙂

Rory & Doodlepip


Have an awesome day folks in all that you.

So what’s everyone got planned for your blog day?

Today l have a new start for TOTW with Michael Jackson, a Dear Blog Entry, another Random Quote, A Joke of the Day, and of course we are still trying to crack our two mystery bloggers – don’t forget if you too would like to play the game, just send me your 25 random facts and we will go from there. i have a Postcard Memories post to make, a few more letters to drop in on the Trial week for Blog Scrambler and maybe a couple of other bits and bots.


My Special Good Morning Call Out Goes To …

Christy of Miraculous Smile

Joseph Emerson of What’s Inside a Madman’s Hat?

Rahul Gaur of Smoke Words Every Day

Please do make sure to check out their blogs and say howdy doody to them!

Rory & Doodlepip



5 thoughts on “Have a Great Day Folks

      1. LOL! Hey, what’s this? You know my nickname? Hahahaa!
        I watched “The Conjurring” last night… Wholly crap, I forgot how scary that movie truly was. I really wanted to watch the second one, but was too tired. Thank goodness for nightlights being in my bathroom, or I would have been afraid to get out of bed. LOL! 🙂


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