Dear Blog … 18.55 – 11/9/18


Some people seriously irk me ……….. l am seriously irked!

Scale 1 – 10 – 10!!

I know, y’all have people that irk you too, so you can relate.

This was not my intended Blog Entry for this afternoon but l might later when l am calmer write another one, but l am having to take my stress levels down a few pegs from being volcanically explosive at 5.50pm this evening.

My Father wasn’t due to come out of hospital till this coming Thursday, the care package which was fast tracked by the relevant parties was gearing up to take effect the same day. When he is being discharged the hospital have said they will notify both myself and my Sister.

So imagine my surprise when l get a call from the nosey parker neighbour [the one who was rude to me a little under three weeks ago] and demands to know what kind of Son l am to my frail Father? Well tell me, how would you react to a call like that out of the blue? Probably like me, somewhat taken aback by the sharpness of it.

He then proceeds to tell me my Father is out of hospital, and where is his care package and that if l was a dutiful Son l would have had this sorted out. With that information l am a bit lost and think this is some kind of wind up whilst mentally processing what this man may look like when he is attempting to clean his teeth using his arse?

So the hospital not only discharged my Father but whilst they notified the carers they failed to notify either myself or my Sister, but they also notified my Father that the carers would be there at 6pm which was not a good idea considering that he forgets what you say to him five minutes later!

So l get this rude call from a man l have never met attacking me on something l didn’t know had happened. Was l pannicked? Fucking right l was pannicked! I was like shite, there is no package in place!

I sprung into action immediately and rang the hospital wondering if my Father having grown impatient at NOT being discharged had done just that, to discover that they had ‘forgotten’ to notify us thinking it was perfectly okay to tell a man who needs reminding what his name is at times that his carers would be there at 6pm!

Did l get an appology from this fellow who was rude to me??


Have l forgotten the first time he was rude to me?


Will l forget this recent time he was more than rude to me?


Oh no, l will NOT, and now l am gunning for this guy. He is the one responsible for causing the insultive behaviour from my Cousin last week  by stirring the shit pot. I will not forget this neighbour and at the appropriate time, he and l are going to have a little chat on manners to people you don’t know.

I am not a violent man, but this man has now pushed the border on irksomeness thrice with me. I can forgive once, l can forgive twice, but l cannot forget three times! I have got enough stress on my plate already without someone l have never met, nor even know giving me this kind of lip!

Dear Blog ……

21 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 18.55 – 11/9/18

  1. Oh, Rory, I am so sorry for all the unwarranted stress this man is causing you. I don’t blame you in the very least if you knocked his teeth down his throat at this point.
    I truly wish there was something I could do… I’m here if you need to blow off more steam. You have my e-mail too. Hang in there my friend.

    1. Thanks Beckie, it was a hell of a shock, and to have this rude ass give me yet again another headache. When my Sister rang and he was ruude to her, because l had already told her he was there, she didn’t take any prisioners with him. But he pushed us to our limits and l am ‘very’ eager to talk to him.

      He caused absolute bedlam this evening, absolute and unnecessary havoc.

        1. Hey Beckie, yeah he is. I am already struggling with this whole thing on so many levels and l know my Sister is starting to feel the strain of everythuing as well.

          My Sister loves him as her dad, and l love him as my Father and combined we are trying to do what is best for him as best as we can. But we are having everything heaped against us at present and that is starting to become a serious strain.

          First off we have my father’s constant ignorance, arrogance and lying which is a strain next to the fact that 1 minute he is lucid, the next he is confused and then the next he is scathing and if that is not bad enough he keeps throwing us to the wolves with his bloody Will.

          Then we have his neighbour ‘supposedly best friend, 62 and anti the NHS which means everything we are trying to do which involve the NHS [National Health Service] he is belittling, and then we have to also battle with the fact that he is buying into all my father’s lies and attacking us at every step we take.

          Then we have my father’s family and they hate us, literally, and are trying to get control of this bloody will again.

          It ‘s really starting to take a toll on me, my stress is just creeping up, and up as is my own anger and confusion as to how l actually feel about it all. Never mind that my arm is causing me aggro.

          Have to laugh eh, otherwise l might go nuts 🙂

          1. I’ve got to hand it to you, I would have snapped by now. I really feel terible for your sister and yourself. When my father was dying, all I received was a phone call. My family didn’t want me there, because of the lies he stirred up about me. Just one phone call, and that was it. I never even had a chance to go to the funeral or memorial. They kept me out of the loop.
            When I look back on it, I don’t have any feelings towards his death.
            His life was one in which almost destroyed all of us. I know why my sister remained close… She wanted a part of his Will. I ave no idea why my brother went or made the call to me… He knew exactly how I felt.
            Has you father arrived home yet?

            1. Yes he came back earlier than planned, which is what caused the uproar yesterday. This neighbour called me at 5.50pm and started getting funny with me. Refused to put my Father on the phone, although l know Dad was behind that playing up the woe is me. Don’t get wrong, yes he is dying, but he still being an ass about everything and enjoying playing everyone off against each other.

  2. A point of clarification for those of us ‘across the pond’…what is a care package? Over here, it’s a literal box of goodies. I think we call what you’re describing a “care plan” for people who are chronically ill, or out of hospital, but still quite ill etc.

    I’m angry FOR you towards that ass with the big mouth. I’d have said “And what business is it of YOURS? GO find some of your own business to mind, you wanker.” Sorry you had to endure that on top of the stress!

    1. Hey Melanie, l know, l am so angry at this man at present. I didn’t have to be approached like he did, and l growing tiresome of all the accusations being thrown against my Sister and myself by people we don’t really know and not helped by our Father who is also slating us, when all we are trying to do is help.

      It also a pain because none of us live close to each other, because over the years and you will have read it here as well, my Father is a very difficult man to start with but he is also a very canny liar. And it’s easy to be slated when you are not there to defend yourself.

      Every day l ask myself where abouts on the scale of 1-10 where l am stress wise with this drama, and everfy day l am usually at a 6, but tonight, way higher.

    1. Hey Kristian, exactly how l feel about him at present – however, l will have my payback. He is siding with a losing side at present as in the wicked witch from the west [aka my Father’s sister] But My Father has a wish as an appendage on his Will. Not an officla request more of a favour and that is the many of the books are to be left to this neighbour. That’s probably NOT going to happen now.

  3. Oh, I wish I lived closer to you, I’d help you dismantle this jerkwad! Just ask my kids or former employees, I’m good at using my words and “the look” to make my displeasure known.

    You definitely didn’t need this kind of BS with everything else you’re dealing with.

    1. Well, l don’t think l could punch anyone and more so seeing as my right arm is not at 100% it’s not going to happen.

      Locks are being changed Thursday when the Key safe is fitted. So Mr Nosey Parker can only gain access to my Father from that point when the Carers are there.

    1. Oh l won’t get arrested – but he has got to stop being so disprespectful – friend or not to my Father he is crossing so many lines now, it’s beyond funny.

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