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Spookier Than Fiction!

Have you ever seen this film, The Conjuring, based on true events? I have, it was the last one l watched as it affected me quite badly. It reminded me of the last time l went ghost hunting, which l will write about in more detail sometime this year …. or next – reflective upon how much it creeps me reliving it. I have a little bit of a checkered history with the unusual, strange phenomena and downright creepy, and some of my tales, had l ever heard people reccounting them to me,  even l may have struggled to get to grips with the hard core reality.

I can’t really watch horror these days sadly as a genre, l used to love it, but as said one day, l simply stopped. It was 2015, broad daylight and l couldn’t watch the film l was trying to watch about some doll that was cursed or haunted or something of that kin. But l don’t have the mind to cope with this anymore. I can still read it, but l can’t watch it.

For me, some of my most terrifying moments began when l was around seventeen years of age and when l had a tarot reading by a bona fide tarot reader and up until l was 30 l lived in fear of death by the unnatural. Of course l had other episodes appear in my life long before l turned seventeen and literally until 2017 when l turned off my guide, l had seen aplenty more of the unusual and have had my fair share of hauntingly bad dreams, nightmares and visions that many supposedly ‘sane’ people might question. But of course, it doesn’t matter what others might think – l KNOW what l saw, and l have lived with the effects of some very strange occurances over the years.


What’s scary about these?

Now let’s be honest, many people do believe in something, others laugh at that, and yet they may believe in something divine, and others still whilst not mocking it, may tend to ‘pooh pooh’ the notion, and yet they too may believe in something else.

A recent study in the UK, displayed that something like 49% of the public no longer choose to believe in God. That’s quite a high figure. I was brought up as a Catholic, when younger l would say l was an athiest, and as l have got older still many believed l might have been an agnostic – but the truth is, l can’t say with hand upon heart what l actually am, because l have seen things that others have not or cannot or could not because they have closed their minds to it, so l would be a hypocrit to say this and then write of something else.

What l can say is that l have a very different belief in phenomena to many others, and that l will respect another’s view as long as they respect mine, l think that is healthy. Because every single person has the right to believe or not believe in what they choose to. I have seen things, it is that simple and because l have seen these things l can no longer dispute what another person may believe in.


What’s the likliehood of you being eaten by one of these?

Now, with regards The Conjuring, everyone and their cat who has seen this series of films may have a ‘varying point of view on it’, no different in many respects to episodes in this series before. There is always going to be some bullshit and fabrication in curses. Fear alone can play tricks on the mind and it takes a lot to steady the nerves of even the hardiest.

I see, read and talk to people who say that horror movies don’t touch them, and yet you ask them what they do fear and sometimes it can be the simplest things that will terrify them.  One person l spoke to said he could watch this and watch that, but refused to swim in the sea off the British coast because he was terrified of not just being attacked by a shark, but actually devoured by one? Go figure?

I can take most things, but l have a silly fear of cows! How stupid is that? Cows??

The Conjuring features that of a case worked by Ed and Lorraine Warren who were/are American paranormal investigators and of course they have been ridiculed for their work and their beliefs – but my philosphy is this, it’s quite simple ‘”Don’t judge what you don’t have any experience of or have not seen or witnessed first hand – because you quite frankly – don’t have a clue!!” This motto or credo doesn’t simply apply to the likes of the paranormal, but a lot of things. I can talk about a lot of things, but l can talk wisely about the things that l have some direct experience in.

You can’t have smoke without fire, or in the very least without something that is causing a spark, no matter how small – something is there … something is always there!

Where l currently live, the house has spirits within, they are not violent, but they are at times a little lost. We have an old lady and her small dog. Scrappy and l can see them frequently, and yet Suze cannot. I have tried at various times to encourage Suze to switch on her guide, but to no avail. She can feel the presences and becomes not frightened but startled, and the more she tries to see them, the less she can. Now although the two spirits are friendly, we have a spot in this house that is not, and many a time l have a conflict with my own guide as to how we deal with it. We moved here in 2016 July and we rent it. I have saged this entire house to calm the dark spot down four times in two years, and am approaching the fifth some time this month.

Some visitors to our house can detect the presences, and many others cannot.


But there is something else here and it loves stress which at times is somewhat annoying!


The Conjuring as a film was also hindered by some spooky goings on during the filming of it ..

Telephone calls between the Hayes Brothers – Chad and Carey – who were the scriptwriters and the Warrens the paranormal investigators were always filled with static when discussing in particular scenes of the film. Lorraine was never surprised at this, even though the Brothers were, for she said “We’re about to expose the dark side of the dark side, and it doesn’t want good to win” which is pretty self explanatory.

Now if you don’t know the story of The Conjuring, it is actually based on a real life investigation case carried out by the Warren’s on a property owned by the Perron family in the 1970’s. Carolyn Perron, wife and Mother refused to come anywhere near the film set, not that that really protected her. As the set was plagued by a series of strange events.

Strange winds that only affected the Perrons and small fires and the feeling of a dark presence were all reported to having been felt or seen. Perhaps that was just a coincidence, afterall these ‘phenomena’ have been reported in other film sets such as Amityville, The Exorcist, Poltergeist and of The Omen for starters never mind other films that have a reputation of being otherwise spooky attached to them.

The Director James Wan, had an unsettling experience one night when his puppy simply started to stare and whine at something in the corner of his office one night. Yet despite his looking, he could see nothing and yet still the dog continued to stare and whine and……. track whatever it was that was in the corner. James said later that the film was starting to affect him and his style in which he worked.

But l think that is understandable … don’t you? That if you are working on something that is quite terrifying, it will affect you in one way or another, doesn’t matter how small it may be, it can still have a big effect on you.

One day Vera Farmiga who plays the character Lorraine Warren in the film, came across claw marks on her laptop screen that simply couldn’t be explained away either to a fall or her children. Perhaps it was her fear of the film itself, she admits quite openly that she couldn’t read the script if by herself or late at night.

There are many view points regarding the paranormal, l myself have many experiences and have learned by trial and terror that some things are not worth playing around with  like the dark spirits of this world, but equally and of course reflected upon your personal beliefs maybe this is just another case of dark energy makes dark forces appear and in turn can generate poltergeist activity as an example  .. what do you think? Fact, Fiction, Coincidence or  .. ?

12 thoughts on “Spookies Be Known!

  1. I’m sensitive to paranormal things. I usually hear rather than see people/things that others cannot. It can be very scary if it’s dark energy. Luckily I don’t encounter dark very often. Usually the dark I deal with is negative emotions draining me. I’ve always been an Empath. I stay away from negative people as much as I can.
    Sage is excellent for driving out negative. You can burn sweet grass to draw in positive.

  2. I definitely believe in the paranormal. When I was a little kid, I knew there was something/someone living in our house other than just the family members. It wasn’t scary to me, it was more like things were moved around, or sounds at night. It never caused harm in other words. It was more of a jokester playing little games on us.
    By just seeing this clip from “The Conjuring” brought back that fear factor of when I first saw this movie. OMG! I really want to see this one again. I love horror movies, especially if they are based on true stories.

    1. You are a braver woman than me Beckie ! 🙂 I can’t watch this, and l remembered the film in 2015 – l think it was Annabelle – bejibbidydongos! I was into it by about 5 minutes and l was like NOPE, Na uh!

        1. Well neither do l, well l have my shelf of teddy bears, and oddly enough l am including them in a Postcard Memory tomorrow, but nothing haunting about those. No Annabelle, just set my head off lol!

  3. I was into horror movies when I was younger but now days they just creap me out or gross me out so I don’t watch or read that stuff anymore.


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