Have A Good Night All


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Here’s to wishing you all a lovely night ahead where ever you may be, whatever you may be doing and let’s look forward to a brand new day with the new sunrise.

Rory & Doodlepip



2 thoughts on “Have A Good Night All

  1. To clarify… There is a “1” and a “G”. Is this two letters..1=A & G or is this one “G”?
    I’m easily confused…lol

    Hope you slept well John-Boy. Catch up with you later 🙂

    1. Think of the normal alphabet as 1 – 26 – so A = 1 and Z = 26.

      However in your example when you see a small ‘1’ or ‘2’ or 4 that means how many of the letter below are in the word. When you see a large number or letter that is the letter you are interested in so in this example of yours 1G = THE LETTER G ONCE APPEARS IN THE WORD. Sorry for Caps 🙂

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