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GOLD WINNER’S will be the bloggers that successfully solve all 6 riddles in the 30 day period. There will be a total of 2 Winners in this category – they will win a complete 4 set of the Snifty Scented Pens each.

SILVER WINNER’S will be the bloggers that successfully solve 5 riddles in the 30 day period. There will be a total of 2 Winners in this category – they will win a 2 set of the Snifty Scented Pens each.

BRONZE WINNER’S will be the bloggers that successfully solve 4 riddles in the 30 day period. There will be a total of 3 Winners in this category – They will win a single Snifty Scented Pen each.


Scrabble, Wordsearch, Battleships, Hangman, Crosswords, Hide’n’Seek, Treasure Hunt and Number Games are the ideas that were used to create Blog Scrambler.

The Challenge will run for a period of 30 days only 7th September – 7th October

The Challenge will be to solve all 6 Riddles in the 30 day period.

Each Riddle will be active for five days only

Each Riddle will be awarded one main clue only at the start of the five day period.

Each of my posts for the next 30 days will hold either a numerical or an alphabetical clue at the bottom of the post itself.


Each letter of the alphabet has a number so A = 1 or the number 1 can = A

As an example  Apple = 1/16/16/12/5 = Apple.

1 N 14
B 2 O 15
C 3 P 16
D 4 Q 17
E 5 R 18
F 6 S 19
G 7 T 20
H 8 U 21
I 9 V 22
J 10 W 23
K 11 X 24
L 12 Y 25
M 13 Z 26

The Riddles needing to be solved over the 30 day period will be the names of SIX blogs.

At the start of each five day period l will create a new post for each riddle so as to notify all bloggers that a new five day Riddle period has begun.

As an example

Blog Scrambler Riddle 1

7th September – 12th September Period 1 [5 days]

Clue: K9 Blogger With a Story To Tell

Number of Letters [29]

[as example : AGuyCalledBlokeandK9Doodlepip = 29]

In our example we have a total of 28 letters and one number. The breakdown appears as such:

A=3/B=1/G=1/U=1/Y=1/C=1/D=4/L=4/E=3/O =3/N=1/K=2/P=2/I=1/9=1

Clues within posts will appear like so:



Meaning that the riddle has 2 K’s in it. If no number appears beside the clue then that means there is only one K in the long word.

However, l might actually instead of including a letter, l might include a number which equates to a letter, with our example of APPLE above, we know that the P’s = 16, so that as an example may appear like so.



On average l create around 11 posts per day any of them could contain a letter or even a number. The first Riddle of the week, l am going to award to all entrants free, so that those taking part can get a feel of the game itself. It will be our example here today – as in my blog. Over the next five days, all the letters shall appear, but come the 13th, all entrants will be on their own.


The rules are simple and straight forwards.

No comments involving answers are to be submitted by entrants on any of the riddles – for obvious reasons. All other comments are allowed.

So that none of the entries become lost, l would ask that all Challenge entrants ONLY submit their answers to me at the email address below on the 8th October 2018 which is the end of the 30 day competition. The email need to be titled “I am a Blog Scrambler Riddle Solver’


4 thoughts on “Blog Scrambler

  1. Woah! I am confused! I am going to be following your posts Rory, so I can see how this is going to work.
    Look forward to joining in…and hopefully having an answer for you at the beginning of October.

    1. Hey Mel – no problem, take a look at this link. The first riddle for the first five day period is free, so players can get a feel for the game.

      Over the next five days, l will be distributing letters or numbers at the bottom of some of my posts.

      From the 7th – 12th or the first period, the Riddle is free. The answer is the name of my blog A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip [which is a total of 28 letters and 1 number [9]]

      As the players already know the answer to this periods’ riddle, l am simply showing letters on some of my posts, with the link you will see what l mean, however if you are still confused, this free period and the questions asked allows me to see where the confusion is so l can sort it out before the real riddles start next week.

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