4 Paws Diary – Ep 21


“Close enough for you Dad?”

Episode 21

4 Paws Diary

01st September – 9th september

Still Here – The Sequel

Hey Everbody,

Another quickie update for you all,

I have come to the conclusion that Dad is NEVER going to stop taking clickitty’s of me – nope never ever! So l figured that maybe he needed some real close ups! The one above is the one he got yesterday when l was helping Mummy move the big metal thing around the garden! I got so close, he fell over, he said that this one is the only really decent one he managed to snap, that’s why it is a bit blurry whilst the others were of my bottom, or my belly! That 2 legged is never pleased with anything, l tell you!!

Well, l am still here and getting stronger and stronger each and every day. My 2 leggeds are now pleased that l have started eating my ‘normal diet’ again, but l still get lots of other goodies, so it is a brilliant compromise as far as l am concerned, l mean what is NOT to love?

I have even lost weight, as the vets said l was too heavy, and had to lose some, and so l obliged and have done exactly just that! I am now apparently closer to my correct body weight of 25kg. I was a little bit heavy before, and that is something which contributed towards my having a problem with my left knee. I was nearer 27kg, and they said that was too heavy for my back legs to support.

But l am now walking most places without the slinky. Mummy is easier to walk with than Dad, because he still has the slinky with him at all times, albeit it is in his pcoket now rather than in his hands. He occasionally uses it and especially if l am getting close to another K9. Dad says it is on me then because l sometimes get excited at seeing other K9’s and l can move around differently and he doesn’t want me hurting my knee or twisting on it, which he said would not be good! I can see what he is saying actually, because sometimes when Mummy gets home from her work thing, l get really excited and run around the house like a ‘headless chicken’ according to Dad, and sometimes l forget l am poorly and hurt my leg, and then have to hobble for the rest of the night.

Nothing much anew has been happening in my world. No big adventures yet, both Mummy and Dad say they need to make sure my knee is in good order. So l have been doing a lot of sleeping, sun puddling and home security. Quite a bit of that recently – when Mummy and Dad have to leave me in charge of the house whilst Dad goes and visits his Dad, who admittedly l am not that keen on, as he doesn’t like K9’s and when l have visited before, he will not let me into his house! I don’t think that is very fair actually. I mean he allows his cat in the house, so why not me?

I have a few things coming up in the next few weeks. Dad and l are going to work on my pawtobiography, and l am still to sit down with Dad and work out the new interview form for ‘Petz’ and not just Felines and K9’s.

However, l am going to leave you with a few clickitty’s on how l helped Mummy move the big metal ‘bobbin’ which is a very funny name if l say so myself!


Me saying to Mummy this is where it should be.”


Mummy and l discussing tactics for bobbin rolling.


Coming to agreement and Mummy trying a quick sneaky coat brush!


“Okay, got it, we move as one united front then, got it!”


Me in rear guard position to ensure it doesn’t slip past Mummy! Well it could you know!”


“Yep, panic not Mummy, looking good!”


“That’s it, right spot, we work well as a team Mummy, l had you covered!”


Well you see Dad, it was a tough dirty job, and someone had to help, it’s what we K9’s do see.”


Well now that’s another job ticked off the list, think l will go and  have a wee lie down, it was very tiring you know, and l do have a poorly knee.”


“Oh yes, this is the life – the work of a K9 never stops you know, anyway until the next time l paw you all, have a great week.”

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    1. Hey Cage and Pepsi, oh it is very much so, this spot is my favourite of them all. When it is sunny, this is where the sun is at all times during the day 🙂

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