Clearout Saturday!


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September 2018

Clearout Saturday!

Suze has been extraordinarily busy today in the garden – well when not walking like a warrior hell bent on giving inconsiderate neighbours about their smoky fire an earful that is!

She cut the grass long overdue, they are her words, the back lawn was cut two weeks ago, but has ‘tufty bits’ that looked ‘unsightly’  so they had to go, go, GO!!!


Wow this has received a serious trim considering the overgrowth of last week!


Same area, but last week! Notice the difference?

But also she wanted to ensure that all the old plants that had sailed passed their fruit days were also removed, and that way we could get ready for the new winter season to be planted.


Beans today.


Beans and courgettes from 3 weeks ago.

I am not sure what needs to be planted in the next few weeks, but l feel pretty sure that Warrior Suze does … and we do have thousands of seeds in packets waiting to be used, so time will tell on that. Currently our beans , although still producing quite a substantial crop, are now going to be left to yellow up and harden off so we can use this years seeds for next years planting.




The aubergines l showed you last week have grown to enormous sizes, think of large grapefruit and you then imagine the size of the first one harvested today and judging by the looks of things we are going to have quite the bumper crop this year.. The peppers have yet to start producing a viable crop of anything, but we are still in September and they are now flowering so that IS a good and clear cut sign that they are nearing their own time. Both the indoor and outdoor tomatoes are still producing excellent and succulent fruits.



The compost heap, is still feeling somewhat neglected apparently – BUT – is not just overjoyed at the prospect of more green and green garden waste, but overspilling too!


Suze and Scrappy decided to clean the garden up together and Scrappy was a very dedicated and keen helper especially with the giant cast iron bobbin!


Discussing tactics for movement!


“Now are you sure you know your role during this roll, Scrappy?”


“Yep, l am the superviser Mummy, you are doing really well!!”

Hopefully tomorrow, Suze will give me a free rein to do some mulching, l am feeling somewhat left out of the gardening, and feel the need to contribute in some way!

Anyway, more from the green gardening soon, thanks for reading!




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