Blog Scrambler – Riddle 1


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Blog Scrambler Riddle 1

Free Clue/Riddle

7th September – 12th September

Period 1

[5 days]


Clue: K9 Blogger With a Story To Tell

Number of Letters [29]


A=3/B=1/G=1/U=1/Y=1/C=1/D=4/L=4/E=3/O =3/N=1/K=2/P=2/I=1/9=1



The rules are simple and straight forwards.

No comments involving answers are to be submitted by entrants on any of the riddles – for obvious reasons. All other comments are allowed.

So that none of the entries become lost, l would ask that all Challenge entrants ONLY submit their answers to me at the email address below on the 8th October 2018 which is the end of the 30 day competition. The email need to be titled “I am a Blog Scrambler Riddle Solver’


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