Dear Blog … 23.59 – 07/9/18


Who needs family?

I think the term fucking livid is that which best describes my emotion at present. If it’s not one thing then a dozen others that are destined to wind up in my house.

Dad’s side of the family are now in full attack mode. I am at a loss of words at some of the venom which has been spun from their side of the web.

These bloody lies that he has been telling will not be the death of him, but they could be the death of his children, and if not death, then all out war against his family, our aunts and uncles and neices who before all this damn hullabaloo started hadn’t once bothered to enquire about us.

It’s been a seriously trying day today, the evening has just gone from being ok, to being so not okay! Not just ok, but not fucking ok!!

My fears of this ride being a merry go around, have now escalated to a haunted train ride with threats pouring in aplenty about it rising to a rollercoaster into hell!

I have to calm down, and try and find some peace. I was minding my own business and trying to finish off Carry on Travelling, and the explosions started again, l feel as l wrote before, this is only going to become steadily worse before it ever gets remotely better.

FFSake, my Father has a lot to answer for, he really does and with the things my Sister and l have had hurled at us tonight, l feel like throttling him myself!

Am so, so, so not good about all this!

Maybe one day l will look back at these entries and laugh ……………….?

Dear Blog ……

8 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 23.59 – 07/9/18

    1. Hey Joseph,

      It’s a nightmare situation l feel. There are no words, although l am ranting, but l am at the stage now of just blowing up about everything. Family who have not even been’anything to us’ for thirty odd years are now striking out, and the man who has started all of this through lies has now got severe memory loss either deliberate or medically, but can now use the ‘l am dying get out of trouble’ free card.

      Stress is going to be my name from this point onwards, first name, middle name and surname = Mr Stress l feel.

      This is an absolute mess.

  1. Ah… Family, can’t live with them and can’t shoot them. (Although, you still get peace and quiet in jail, with 3 meals a day). LOL!
    Sound like family is a trend for us my friend. Family lies will be the death of us. OYE!

    1. It’s so stressful Beckie. His lies, lying and crap, are now becoming explosive through his families mouths!

      I am at a loss at the insults that have been hurled at both my Sister and myself tonight.

      1. Breathe, step away, ignore them as much as humanly possible. I understand what its like to be in the middle of stories that are full of lies.
        I hope for your sake they leave soon. I’d hate to read about you being locked away some where. Hang in there, Rory. 🙂

        1. Well l am now at the stage of blocking their numbers on my phones and have advised my Sister to do the same.

          My dad is ill, he is dying, all the shit that passed before is under the bridge and so my Sister and l are trying to abide by all his wishes to die at home. We have our dad throwing his toys out of the pram because he wants to be out of hospital now, and his family who are clueless to the truth and listening to neighbours and then attacking us. and threatening us and calling us terrible kids!

          All l want to shout back is Oh right, well you know he wasn’t the best fucking Father as was!!’ Which is the truth, but l can’t l have to be diplomatically polite.

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