Dear Blog … 17.57 – 07/9/18


A Spanner in the works, or just a Spanner!

So for the last twelve days my Father has been in hospital, terminal cancer and recently diagnosed with SVD of the brain. For the better part of those 12 days he has been mostly confused, with only a small percentage labelled as lucid.

For twelve days he has had no interest in life, he just wants to die, although he is tired of being in hospital, bored which l find astounding considering he refuses to take part in life, refuses to eat, refuses to read, doesn’t wish to watch any television, basically a man who has given up. For twelve days he has maintained he couldn’t do this, or that and couldn’t walk, couldn’t get himself out of bed, didn’t have the inclination to. He needed two nurses to help him from the bed to the chair.

Sounds bad, doesn’t it?

My Sister spent hours with him yesterday speaking to nurses, occupational therapists and doctors alike concerning his fraility. She organised that he would have care for 18 hours a day, he would have his house prepared for his final days as he wishes to die at home. Everything that a dying man needs was awarded to him.

Suddenly out the blue my Sister gets a call from him this morning wanting to know when he is getting out of hospital? “Not until the care package is in place Dad.” she answers.

He then throws a wobbly like a tantrumised 2 year old! “I am bored, l want to get out of hospital NOW!!”

Once the phone is down she hears nothing more, except two hours later a nurse calls my Sister and she sounds both shocked and surprised.

My Father – the ‘face the facts l am dying’, suddenly gets out of bed and starts walking down the corridor. When questioned how he has managed this he simply responds with “I didn’t want to walk before, now l do, nothing you can do about it!! I want to go home now!”

The hospital rings my Sister and now informs her that all the care package for the home has to be reworked and reconfigured, that instead of receiving 18 hours of care a day, he will be lucky if he receives three hours a day. So once back home, he is again liable to fall down and injure himself even more!

The idiot, aka my Father the Spanner has now jeopardised his own health once more!

Back to the drawing board again, and now because of this, he has now delayed his release yet again!


Dear Blog ……



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