Dear Blog … 21.03 – 06/9/18


Not all combinations work ..

I knew it wouldn’t be long before more drama landed upon my doorstep, it seems to me that the latter half of 2018 is going to be about stress and angst. I am not even sure why l have said the latter half, maybe it should simply reflect that 2018 is the year that life became harder.

I am currently trying different combinations of my tablets to combat the pain and discomfort in my arm, and for the last couple of days l have gone for a 4.2 knockout for 6 with the pills to see if that makes for any difference? It doesn’t, the tablets are only good enough for a 60% pain relief. I have tried what my doctor suggested and when l go to the doctor’s next week, l can say ‘at least l tried’ them your way, but that didn’t work, so what’s next?

However if l am really lucky l should hear the results of the MRI so maybe will learn how we are going to retrieve the power to my right side.

Sadly the tablets in the various combinations achieve sure a slight improvement on discomfort and 60% is still better than 0%, as l found out to my horror last week. But they do effect the way l write. I am having to write more short style content in comparison to long style content which is somewhat frustrating. What used to take me a few hours now can take me several days.


Scrappy is really doing well and l think out of the three of us, even with a shot knee, she is still in better condition than either Suze or myself – gees there is some serious irony there! But yesterday Scrappy and l and the slinky walked a steepish hill both up and down, and she did very well indeed. Suze has learned the hard way and l am trying to not laugh … that when Scrappy goes out for a walk with her, that before they leave the house, that Madam la Pooch is attached to her lead otherwise the moment the door is opened – she WILL make a dash for it!

Suze said that doesn’t happen, she can’t run?

Well tonight she learned that if Scrappy is NOT secured to the lead, then goodness gracious me, Scrappy can run!!


My Father has been in hospital now for 11 days, and looks like he will still be there till next Wednesday, his care package is being fast tracked and my Sister and l have been working as a united front to ensure that he has the right package in place. His intention is still to die at home, so all the preparations have to be installed to allow that to happen, which will be in place come the end of this coming weekend.

He was recently additionally diagnosed with small vessel disease which came around as a result of a mini stroke he had earlier in the year that was missed by the medical profession. I call him nightly, and thankfully he still remembers me. My Sister spent the afternoon with him, talking to occupational therapists, nurses and doctors alike to get a fix on the palliative care he is going to need when he does get back home.

It is fast becoming an absolute nightmare as his family have now tried to muscle in on the will, which my Sister and l are executors to. All the lying my Father has fed them over the years about myself and my Sister without my Sister or myself there to offer any kind of defence has now swung into action. They believe us to be a terrible Son and Daughter worthy of slaying. My Father who has around a 10% capacity for short term working memory has now forgotten all the lies he has told everyone.

So tonight has already been filled with the woodwork suddenly sprouting new life in the shape of aunts and uncles spouses on the bloody attack! My Sister and l will have our work cut out from this point onwards and l feel our stresses will be sorely tested!

Oh well, as they say, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!

We can only hope that’s true.

Dear Blog ……

5 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 21.03 – 06/9/18

  1. My goodness! Yes, I would indeed say 2018 wasn’t a good year for you. Thankfully you do still write and are involved in the blogging, else we wouldn’t have met! I wouldn’t know of Scrappy! Oh my! Best wishes for the rest of this year…

    1. Hey Melanie, yeah l think it is going to get really aggressive, Sis and l are already having to show a very staunch united front to people who we don’t actually know, so it’s going to be tough.

  2. Here’s the thing Rory – he’s been saying that shit for YEARS. Many, many years but none of them have done anything until now. That’s because the vultures smell the carcass and they want their pickings. You and your sister might want to think about preempting them and see a solicitor ASAP.

    1. Noted.

      In fact so much so, that l rang my Father’s solicitor yesterday afternoon and had a conversation with him, and put him into the loop about my Father’s state of health, and that sadly power of attorney was no longer an option. he did confirm that the will was drawn up a good two years ago, and that no new wills were present nor any fresh codicil’s which was what l needed to hear as there had been a threat made by Dad’s Sister on that front.

      My Sister spoke to my father this evening, and he also confirmed that the current will is the only will and now been officially placed in the loop to his Sister’s intentions of course what he remembers tomorrow is something different.

      But the solicitor has now been pre-empted that should anything come through slightly dodgy then to ignore it and if needs be notify us to any potential and illegal threats.

      So we are pretty well covered on that level.

      I also rang the hospital today and suggested that should my Father’s Sister arrive for a visit, that she causes him undue stress and unless his doctor is present, he cannot sign anything as his faculties are sadly not what they used to be.

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