Snifty Competition No 3


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The New Snifty

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Friday 7th September 2018


Are You A Blog Scrambler?

Can you undo, the done up, can you untangle the tangled, unjumble the jumbled, unmix the mixed up? Can you figure the configurations of numbers?

Are you one that likes words, riddles and what nots? Perhaps it’s more trivia based competitions you like? Are you a keen wordsearcher, maybe crosswords, wordy games, scrabble, hide and seek?

Can you see what needs to be seen? Do you like a bit of fun, some mystery and some competition? Are you up for a bit of brain challenge?

_ _ _ _ _ _


Were you a  follower of Hangman as a kid, maybe even now?

Then Stay Tuned and Watch out for The Blog Scrambler!

Coming to a Screen near you soon!

Friday 7th September 2018

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8 thoughts on “Snifty Competition No 3

      1. Indeed. There’s something fascinating about puzzles puzzling our already puzzled minds😀
        I’m old school especially when it comes to sudoku. I need a proper pencil-and-paper one. Digitalised sudoku apps don’t have the feel of the daily newspaper sudoku.

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