Dear Blog … 09.35 – 04/9/18


Another day another dollar!

Well this morning l feel like l have gone through a cycle in the washing machine, followed by a bout in the dishwasher and finished off for a couple of minutes in the tumble dryer! In other words l feel totally wrecked. The drugs are really taking their toll with me, which would be great if they handled the pain 100%, however they only manage 60%. I can’t get tramadol as the medical profession has decided to not award those out willy nilly due to their addictive properties, so who knows what is next when l visit my surgery on the 12th for a medication review.

Most mornings l awaken to the new day with stiffness [ha ha if only] and a totally washed out feeling, and pain. I am still experiencing the restless nightmare filled nights, which is somewhat irksome to say the very least.

However l did have my MRI yesterday and as a first time experience l have to concede to being somewhat impressed with it as an adventure ride. 12 minutes of repeated clackings, whirrings, buzzings and clicks, with the curvaceous shape only 8″ from my head. It wasn’t that bad in truth, l am grateful for the marshmellow ear buds and the head sets, for even though l could still hear it … just … ish anyway, but l should imagine it would’ve been far louder without the accessories.

Had it not been for the uncomfortable position l was in inside the beast, l would have enjoyed the experience more, and quite possibly with a softer underside covering, probably could have fallen asleep within its confines. I have a thing for noise when l sleep. Suze as a very light sleeper, needs to be in complete darkness, and in a void of silence, whereas if l am tired l can literally fall asleep anywhere – l mean hell, many years ago when l was a young catering manager – l fell asleep during a banquet for the Woking Mayor in the toilet for half an hour. The only downside was l had a red ring tattooed on my bum for most of the week from the seat itself which had comfortably moulded itself around my slumped form.

Every morning, l try and go a bit longer without tablets, they say l shouldn’t do that as it upsets the biocycle which is easy for them to say as they are not actually taking them, but l don’t like tablets and even though l have been awake properly since 7am, here l am 2 hours later still groggy from the depressant effect, but l can feel the pain seeping into the ‘l am here zone!’ So l best go and drug myself some more after this postal entry.

Scrappy is doing much better herself, is eating again although no longer touching base with her norml diet, but now preferring only the raw meat, cooked mince, fish and chicken diet and of course one mustn’t forget her ‘sprinkles’.[The resulting farts however are appalling!] But l use the belly slinky less and less now, both Suze and l keep her still walking mostly on flat surfaces and with only a hint of an incline walk. She still needs to be slowly built up to recover her strength in that shot knee. But we mustn’t lose sight of the fact that her knee is in a bad way otherwise we will all be in a pickle again.

Rang my Father this morning in hospital, he is still pretty much the same as he was yesterday … as in not happy about being in hospital. But l am happy knowing that he is at least resting up. He needs to as when he is at home he will not be under 24/7 carer assistance and he is not brilliant for remembering his needed medications which is principally why he is in hospital now – because he wasn’t taking his drugs what so ever and at least here he is under a schedule and they stick to it.

So he can grumble away till the cows come home as far as l am concerned. I get it that he doesn’t want to be in hospital – sure l do – who does? But if you want to ‘die at home’, then you need to take your meds or you may end up sadly dying in hospital.

So there we go, another day another dollar! Best see what l am up to today, l was so tired last night that it took me two and half hours just to set up two post dated entries for this morning, which was due to the drugs taking effect rather rudely! However l kept falling asleep on the keyboard and was in danger of having QWERTY across one of my cheeks!!

Dear Blog ……

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